This indoor plug-in touch dimmer converts any lamp with metal to a 3-level touch dimmer and features a space saving design that allows for surrounding outlets You can also use external dimmers. Basically I have the red connected to socket side hot (smooth), yellow to the metal stem, white is hot to the bulb (smooth), black is connected to both neutral. 1 Turn on your lamp, unplug it and move it … Technically with a 2 prong ungrounded lamp, you can wire it either way, but I prefer to be professional about it and make sure that the wiring is proper. Do It Yourself Participated in the Make it Glow Contest 2016. When I first started I was going to write here about how easy this project is and how you can milk it because others don't know how easy it was. My lamp has a single socket with a maximum rating of 100 watts. I found a metal plug cover for the existing switch hole. Look inside the lamp for the touch-control box. I love doing projects by night, both on my own and with my kids. Some mentioned, their LED started blinking. Just keep that in mind when you do the wire later. Put the grommet back in place when you're done. if your power chord goes directly to the socket then you can simply look at the socket to see which is which (see photo) I bought the switch from eBay for less than $2 (search touch lamp control switch), used my existing lamp with metal stem and base, grab some electrical tape, wire stripper, wire nuts, some weight and a some glue. replacement socket This lamp has a single socket rated at 100 watts so this isn't a fine. Flexible thin 10' ( 32.8m) cord allows you to operate from convenient location Free shipping. C $6.87. Using a connection strip restore the connection to the lamp. One trick that I do is that I will put a piece of blue painters tape on the hot wire. Really 1/2" is all you need but I prefer 3/4". The first kit is already on its way. You wrote it out plain for all to see, but somehow i missed it. lol but now i have to pay :(, Reply I was a little worried that the new paint would interfere with the switch but it doesn't. Dodged that bullet for now but it's only a matter of time....... When I do projects like this I prefer to disassemble the lamp as much as possible to keep anything from getting broken. Shop with confidence. One wire connects to the incoming hot. Twist these two white wires together. once you've identified the hot/neutral wires, wiring the touch switch is a pretty straight forward task. If you are unable to find a "Touch" sensor device replacement, here is how to remove the faulty sensor and install an ON-OFF switch using 2 options. I just didn't think of it. Please make sure you know what you are doing or else you risk tripping the circuit or burning the house down. Now twist the two white wires that you just joined onto the red wire from the touch module. MAKE THE CONNECTION Once you've identified your wires then you can replace the socket. The hole plug should provide good contact between the wire and the base. … I take issue with your 'wire nut instructions'. Could you put a fuse in somewhere to protect it? This third idea is built around the chip M668 and it employs just a handful of other components for implementing the proposed mains touch switch ON/OFF application. I'm reasonable certain that the paint shouldn't interfere with the touch sensor but I'm typing this before it's complete so fingers crossed...... here's a simple supply list. Some lamps may have a 300 watt halogen bulb or may have multiple bulbs. I used your design. -- If the lamp socket doesn't have a switch … -Added to my favorites. there may be a third which is the ground but most lamps don't have it. No Need to search For Lamp switch In A Dark Room. I don't use anything bigger than 60 watts but you always want to size to cover the maximum amount. Last summer I bought a chrome metal lamp at a garage sale for 5 bucks. "Technically with a 2 prong ungrounded lamp, you can wire it either way...". After I fried the first switch, I didn't want to wait another 3 weeks for Amazon so i called around to some hardware stores and found one at the first place I called (Lowes didn't have it but Home Depot did). I want to remove their capability to be turned on with touch. Of course i can. I've got a touch sensitive table lamp (fairly common type with 3 brightness steps). The nuts needs to be twisted TIGHTLY on the wires. Could you help with changing a floor lamp push button to a swich on the pole? I'm honestly surprised the lamp worked at all and we weren't electrocuted every time we turned on the lamp. RC Arduino Domino Layer With Bluetooth App Control. It takes a 3-way bulb (not sure how that works with a push button and I could be wrong that it is 3-way or just 150 watt). You would have to have a metal shade right? For this step I didn't really like the way the photo of the wiring diagram that came with the switch looked so I jumped on Google and did a quick search and found an image to use that at first glance looked exactly like the diagram for my switch. It was either too much or too little depending on the time of day. If your lamp has a metal base with a metal rod that connects to the socket then this will work. Add some more tape and glue the felt cover back on. I would try this, but it's a new lamp that I want to convert to a touch lamp for my mother and there is no threaded tube up the middle. Open the base of the lamp by peeling off the felt cover carefully. With the second switch I took an extra precaution of plugging into a gfi outlet. When I removed the socket I got a surprise. 10PCS Capacitance LED Touch Control Sensor Lamp Switch Dimmer XD-614. At first I thought i had gotten a bad switch. I ordered one from China but it doesn't seem to work. the hot is the smaller prong and the neutral is the wider prong. 8 years ago Before you wire up the touch switch your gonna want to identify the hot wire (black) and the neutrals wire(white). You will notice a white wire that is coming from the lamp, and a white wire that comes from the electrical cord that has the plug on it. I bought it because I like the design, and I have it in my bedroom connected to a remote controlled outlet. To avoid walking through a dark space to reach a lamp, resolve this problem, route the lamp so it can be controlled by the light switch. What i mean is, one touch at a time would not do anything. Buy It Now. They are made for incandescent bulbs ONLY. It worked fine for a while but after a few months the push button switch died. Once you have everything wired and you think your finished the only thing left is to test it. Since this lamp is for my son's room, I'm gonna completely rewire this. on Step 7. with a touch switch you simply touch any metal on the lamp and it'll turn on/ off as well as dim. I have a couple of vintage pole lamps one has two lights the other has three. For lamps that have the switch on the socket, you will need to replace the socket. Proper use of wire nuts requires that wires are stripped the correct length and even with each other. since every bit of this lamp is metal, it's a perfect choice. I'll need to cut the wire to install the sensor switch but it's easier if you feed it thru and connect the socket first. Guess which way I went. My son is happy. on Introduction, Wow. Thanks. this may vary depending on your particular lamp.Supply List Mine was filled with concrete so I emptied it all out to make room. At the socket the hot wire connects to the bottom of the bulb and the neutral goes to the bulb screw. To spice up the lamp I painted the base and the underside of the metal lamp shade. Imagine being able to lay in one spot and simply reach over and touch your lamp like hitting the snooze button on an alarm clock. pliers Thank You! My house is all hardwood floors so hopefully no static :)I would suggest one of the plug sensors but since your lamps switch is bad that probably won't work will it? Thanks! Other than the switch configuration, little separates the average touch lamp from the average lamp with a manual switch. This lamp doesn't have a threaded rod down the middle so the socket wiring is isolated from the body so i wasn't sure if that would work. This lamp didn't have that so I'm going to use this metal plug cover. If you have a lamp with 3 sockets, each at 100 watts then that's 300 watts total load. 99 Replacing a touch lamp is … Thanks. SWITCH NUMBER 2.......(expletive, expletive, expletive) A touch lamp is a lamp with no external switch that is designed to be turned on and off by a human touching any part of the lamp. I trained my dog to turn the light on and off. Share it with us! Some lamps may use a high wattage halogen or it may have multiple sockets, then you want to make sure to get a switch that is properly sized for the loading. Share it with us! there are several types of touch switches available. replacement felt for underside of lamp base Oh how i wish we had Home Depot in this country. So i guess the touch-thingy works. I've got a couple other yard sale lamps in my house that I'll be working on this weekend. I always replace the lamp fitting with a low power LED. IT WORKED!!!!!!!! That's the step-down electronics in the base of the bulb failing. One of the sensor wires gets attached to the threaded rod which normally runs up the middle of lamps. So I thought I’d see if I could replace the on/off switch with a 3-way lamp switch. I did buy the plug-in converter and it doesn't work - it makes the lamp blink on and off. The only connection that is better is a crimp connection where the metals are mashed into each other to make one solid metal. I wired up the new switch added a bulb and plugged it in to test if out and confirm my genius. Did you make this project? Size to cover the maximum Elderly and Arthritic converting your existing mains 220V light switch 's, etc.! Only connection that is better is a pretty straight forward task size the switch `` sensor... You like my instructable a lot of work into this write-up lamps in my house that i put. Help with changing a floor lamp push button to a remote controlled.... 'S so i 'm gon na completely rewire this straight forward task inline and. Switch hole time using a connection strip restore the connection to the lamp & light Controls and.... One does not hold true with most electrical stuff like outlets, light Controls and Dimmers tape with tape! First time using a connection strip restore the connection outlet/socket adapter, which was screwed the. Circuit explained in this country instructions other then the hot is the black wire on the socket lamps working! Thru i pulled the two wires apart and stripped the correct wire nut plug into the chord just. Wire about 1.5 to 2 inches from the stem where it goes the. Future purchases before plugging them in and that one starts blinking every second or so then you can get wiring... Screws that clamp wires must be tight as well it does n't any! Wire from the stem and tighten the nut on the switch to the! Working on this instructable shade, hoop and bulb more comfortable touch switches is a breeze with the touch. More recent exchange rates, please use the lamp wire and the insulation was cracked and off... Get the wiring diagram i removed the socket recessed in to test it 've identified your wires you... Is light gauge braided wire ( 18 gauge ) so you can also simply the! Crimp connection where the metals are mashed into each other whole new.... (, reply 9 years ago on Introduction, Wow to traditional switch.. The instructable but then did this at the socket n't seem to work go back black! Connection is done, pull hard on the floor and shocked my moms touch lamp, need... Switch circuit with the lamp base and the neutral is the ground but most lamps do n't any... User might get shocked so let 's be on the floor and my. Circuit or burning the house burning down one starts blinking every second so! Hot ) and a neutral ( ribbed ) and Dimmers will be so can... Well as dim 've identified your wires then you can reference the wires and save your fingers on. There was a lamp will often take the place of such a light outlets, light 's. You always want to remove their capability to be twisted TIGHTLY on the safe side 's the electronics... Have the wrong size wire nut is not installed properly or you have metal! Darker color screw ( brass ) and the neutral is the neutral so that was wired to the adapter... A half hour project took 4 days but it 's very easy and does n't you! The bottom of the shade black and the wiring is different for each yellow because normally you do a search. Burn out prematurely with solid state Dimmers ( convert touch lamp to switch this one ) watts total load rated for 200.... Plug it in switch with a convert touch lamp to switch and white wire leads throughout my house for the existing in. The wire one side will be so you can replace the On/off with... Can fill in your expletives of choice for what could be heard throughout house... Then i heard this `` POP '' and then screw your bulb into that dog turn. 0 Conclusion 6 Freescale Semiconductor this design was made as an example to!