The sig crowns are ok. First of all, the 9mm Luger, fired from a compact pistol, has proven to be superior to a .38 pocket revolver in terms of effectiveness, but is far from being as effective as a .357 Magnum. I have also signed up for practice at a local gun range. Have you tried the Underwood Extreme Defense ammo in the 9mm? I've found that the 124 grain works best in all of My 9 MM pistols regardless of barrel length or Gun Brand. It seems like you don’t know what good 9mm ammo is. The threshhold is much higher. The bullet structure with a light hollow point, thin jacket and soft lead filling shows that a bullet has been constructed here whose main task is a good energy release in the target by deformation.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'mysqltuner_com-netboard-2','ezslot_24',136,'0','0'])); The CEPP Extra also has predetermined breaking points in the front part of the bullet, which are intended to accelerate this process. The other day I was able to get a box of hollow points. The Firestar produced with the S&B three disturbances with ten shots, the other weapons worked without problems. Drag varies with the ballistic coefficient of the bullet as this is determined by the shape of the bullet. Since most major manufacturers of handguns prohibit the use of lead bullets in their firearm, the remaining two are most commonly found in our arsenals. Hope that helps ya Bennett. With the light bullet, the jacket vanes are obviously pressed tightly against the bullet body again due to the higher velocity, resulting in a smaller diameter. That's what a rifle is for. You have tested and recommended what you consider the best 9mm SD round. (I realize the 9 would be easier to handle for a beginner shooter and I do have a Taurus PT 92 that was my duty weapon and has never failed me.) During production, Speer first electrolytically applies the copper jacket to the lead core and then presses the bullet into its final shape. This way you can shoot the same weight of bullet as your more common range ammo. 9mm bullets are commonly manufactured in three weights…..115 grain, 124 grain and 147 grain. The fast bullet mushrooms up quickly and loses some of its mass. Today, several older projectile designs have emerged from the “fourth generation bullets,” such as the infamous Cor-Bon Glaser Safety Shot, which has an outstanding reputation when it comes to power stoppage. Definitely stear clear of whatever the guy at the gun shop insists on...may work for him but no one else. Nevertheless, recent technical advances in the production of bullets and propellants led to the skyrocketing success of the 9 mm. Find something you like, not what someone else tells you. The 124 Grains bullet responds almost as quickly as the lighter Gold Dot due to the high Vo, but has more depth effect due to the greater mass. I am also a storm chaser for the state, as well. With the leaps in technology the Ranger T are probably a bit outdated, but they are definitely a great round in the 147gr size. I personally use Corbin 45acp ammo. I put 100 rounds through it at 10 yards and was pleasantly surprised at the the accuracy of the groups and mild recoil, but wow what a powerful firearm. A 9mm bullet weighing exactly 124 grains. The precision from the Glock is not very high at 32 millimetres, but it is perfectly adequate for catch-fire purposes. Your site is helping me a lot. In that order. It's what I load in my 9mm, 45ACP, and .38 Spl. BY FAR THE BEST 9MM ROUND AVAILABLE SMH ALL MY SPECIAL FORCES BUDDYS USE THEM FOR A REASON. Although Syntech loads in competition have consistent knockdowns on steel targets, they also minimize splash back on steel targets, accompanied by a notable reduction in perceived recoil over normal FMJ loads. However, the wound canal is correspondingly smaller. I would like to see ARX added to the review's. So I pulled my pistol out loaded with said rounds, and placed a kill shot at point blank rage for what should have been a perfect heart/lung money shot only, it made things worse. For example, the 9mm Luger is most commonly found with 115-grain, so this is likely your best starting point. Until now, US hunters have had only simple partially jacketed projectiles and Lapua CEPP available as interceptor ammunition. Its a TEST do it all, and let us know which 9mm ball will cycle the most guns. For the range, I love firing the Federal Syntech 9mm. Hi Eric, Syntech jackets allow the bullets to flow through the muzzle, preventing fouling of copper and lead and keeping your arms cleaner.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'mysqltuner_com-leader-1','ezslot_13',127,'0','0'])); Given the very soft firing of the Syntech Action Pistol ammunition, there are several concerns that it does not work in heavy weapons without moving to lighter springs for the recoil. Similarly, I'd like to know the power factors of the ammo as this matters in competition (USPSA, etc.). Shot placement with handguns trumps all. and was curious as to what I've gotten myself into. Here 5.2 grains of fine rod powder are loaded. Nine-em-em is easy to shoot, and so easy to shoot accurately; the least expensive of all centerfire cartridges, so you can afford more practice; and with the right loads JUST enough gun to stop a human attacker with a single hit to the body cavity 90% of the time. What's the cleanest subsonic ammo for target and suppression? This was to be expected, because the normal CEPP is known for its very good weapon compatibility and the Extra has the same outer shape. I would like to see a test rating control vs stopping power. What works better, Nigel, are facts and science. Go take a hike, Brian- men are talking here. A number of criminal histories and critical testing have demonstrated that complete metal jacket ammunition manages tremendous overpenetration and limited expansion, rendering this form less desirable for self protection. Myself and thousands of police officers have learned it is ALWAYS a shot into the skull from top down. The “12 to 18 inches” nonsense comes from the FBI, who blamed their weapons instead of their inept tactics for the disastrous 1986 Miami-Dade shootout. Examples? Thanks...jawalton. The Expanding Full Metal Jacket worked like a textbook in the gelatin block. You're a funny guy! "I can scare them to death with the mere size of my gun !"? I've noticed that most HP seems to come in steel casing. HST in just about all grain ct. Are top performance. DON'T PUT A PRICE TAG ON YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF YOUR LOVED ONES. But you should try to bring some current science into your thinking, and be willing to move forward. The BP was skeptical; macho types have always denigrated the 9mm. And what works best in 9mm seems to be: 1) The sadly out-of-print Triton Quik-Shok, and 2) The fastest 115-grain +P or +P+ JHPs available, doing better than 1300 f/s. I agree with this statement. The somewhat heavier XTP came to a muzzle velocity of 371 m/s, whereby here with 5.2 grains even a higher powder charge is used than with the lighter XTP. Always goes bang and the brass is great for reloading. Dead is dead. The Federal EFMJ is a bullet development that does not have a hollow point. Ammo Quest 9mm: Winchester Train and Defend 147gr Ammo Test. Was surprised how easy to control 115 grain 9 mm is in the Ruger EC9s I recently purchased and have taken to the range twice. I have, and don't like it because while all the numbers sound right, it doesn't live up to the hype. The depth effect is correspondingly small with this strong mushrooming. He’s been gathering shooting/stopping power statistics for—must be 50 years now. The Sig V Crown and ball ammo run perfectly through all my handguns an pcc's. Reduced recoil in small guns is especially good and getting off a second shot is much easier. You will go through 100 rounds in 30 minutes or less. The below pictures and data are from a super in-depth post from Lucky Gunner plus a few of our personal criteria. I am curious to know which 45acp rounds you would recommend and why you didnt mention the 45 for sd? Eighteen inches is clear through the average bad guy’s shoulder and chest sideways-or through the average male chest cavity (10”) from the front, and six or eight inches into the innocent beyond. Greg, I'm already looking forward to people recognizing that 9mm is mediocre again. The bullet weight and configuration I think is important. I soaked up as much information as I could online, at competitions, and from tinkering in my workshop. Wishful thinking, John. For instance, +P or not +P (or +P+) is not relevant to the discussion; proven performance is. Topped with 150-grain, powerful, flat-nose bullets this ammunition is designed in combat shooting sports to fulfill the power factor requirements. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Just purchased a S&W M&P 2.0 9mm and I’m looking for range ammo, any suggestions on what to use? Asking for advice for what bullet weight and manufacture seem to shoot the most accurate groups from an M&P 2.0. Nevertheless, you have to discern between the 9 mm ammunition meant for defense purposes and the practice ammo you will use for the range. 9mm+P and +P+ do. I have 8 yrs of military service (4 Air Force as a firefighter and EMT, and 4 US Army Combat Medic.) Not likely... it's the same old argument of .45 ACP vs. 9mm... which the 9mm has won both times. Hell, I could have done that with a rock! You are way out of your depth, and decades out of date. But we recommend you try a couple weights and make sure they cycle 100% in your self-defense gun. Best deals on AE 9mm rounds so far since I think there’s a huge surplus. The speeds required for that to work effectively is almost impossible to reach in a pistol, especially in 9mm. Although both Critical Defense bullets with adjustable tips are helpful in stopping hollow points from becoming clogged, they are often cannelled and case-crimped to avoid bullet setback. All weapons shot with the Federal cartridge without any problems. Next, don’t mess with the steel cases if you’re a reloading, since they’re more hassle than they’re worth. There's other rounds with 9mm projectiles, but chances are if you see a bare's the one we listed above. Ford vs Lincoln. Shooting through the material and busting through the bone THEN see the how the bullet holds up after busting through clothing Bone and traveling through the epidermis and tissue. It is a bad way to learn for me, but NEVER go for a heart lung shot on a wounded or injured animal. Conclusion The 9mm as a handgun caliber is a great option for self defense, and there are literally a ton of good 9mm ammo out there. Second, the steel-cased ammunition is meant as an inexpensive substitute for standard brass offerings. Must be some REALLY good science happening in your lab. Obviously this model does not cope so well with the light, fast bullets. The Blazer 9 mm is mounted in brass enclosures and has an FMJ-RN (full metal copper plated jacket-round nose), 115-grain projectile on top. is a website focused on topics related to armory, guns, rifles, fishing & outdoor activities. Wrong. Want more calibers and choices…check out Best Places to Buy Ammo Online. Many wedded to their pre-conceived notions—the late Martin Fackler most notably—vehemently put down Marshall and his work, but it jibes with everything I’ve learned in 50 years of hunting, handloading, testing bullets in wet newsprint before I use them on game, and autopsying, not just butchering, my game. +P or higher-pressure loadings may reach 1300 fps. This is about the most ignorant post here. THX. He picked the most popular 9mm rounds that are the most readily available. You and Conner H did just that! of Power Pistol powder, was the most accurate load in all my 9MM pistols (SIG, Glock, Walther, CZ, Ruger). My wife shoots a Ruger LCR. The calibre wars have been going on for decades between the 9 mm Luger and many other high-powered weapon cartridges. On the other side, it’s true that projectile weight counts very little a lot of the time, so when we think about self-defense and shooting, our recommendation is to search for ballistics gelatin testing or real-world accuracy records with a particular weapon. Very insightful information that the novice and expert can both understand. And of course I can go over why I prefer 9mm over .45... but it is not at all temperamental with anything I feed it. I also use the Lucky Gunner tests as a primary criterion in making the decisions. Hello Eric, Loads of lighter bullets can have a marginally less perceived recoil and higher velocities than heavier bullets, but the variations are marginal because the projectile weights are almost identical. In this way the Flex Tip architecture of Hornady FTX allows adequate penetration and regulated expansion between 1.3 and 1.6 times the original diameter of the 9 mm. We're all bad-asses until were not. I became my group's "gun guy" and everyone who had questions came to me. Am I missing something? I have been shooting the .40 cal since the early 90’s when it first arrived on the market , my first handgun was a S&W 411 , I own 2 other .40’s one Beretta Px4 Subcompact and one Smith M&P . As we learn, a somewhat tapered case includes 9×19 mm and would be less susceptible to tougher extraction. Hammer, You can be sure he pulled that little bit of "wisdom" right from Marshall and Sanow; that's the sort of lingering damage those guys have done to discussions of terminal ballistics. Cheap and not super reliable, and that’s exactly what I wanted for practice; every once in awhile I’d get a stove pipe or other jam. You wrap the pork ribs in a piece of sweater or sweat shirt & a piece of denim. My father in law swears by it, but it is pricey! I'm also not a fan of the subsonic heavier bullets either. For reloaders, the brass cases are pretty good news and even if you happen to be firing at certain ranges that don’t require you to pick up your brass casings. (You can also find a 50-round box of HST for the same price as a 25-round box of Hornady.) Terms of Service apply. It is fairly new to his defense but it's tumble Upon impact it's not just a Gimmick it actually works every single time regardless of caliber. SXT stands for Supreme Expansion Technology. If you use Hornady Critical Duty, as do I ... wondering why it wasn't included in recommended ammo. NO respected journal would publish their work. Many calibers has a standard bullet weight, such as the.223 Remington with a 55-grain bullet. Hollow point ammo with new projectile templates such as JHPs is designed to expand on soft tissue impacts to efficiently halt the intruder. The 5.2 grains of fine flake powder obviously burn off quickly and cleanly and develop their energy even in short barrels. And what works best in 9mm seems to be: The manufacturers are pretty much in agreement on the laboratory testing of the 9mm Luger, as can be seen from the almost identical powder charges and measured muzzle velocities. None of the three test weapons malfunctioned. I shoot my glock 17 at the range and it is a great 9mm eater. Get that straight before you try to do anything else. Thanks. For this reason, rapidly deforming projectiles were developed at a very early stage for this cartridge in the civilian sector and, where permitted, were also used. Your “Defensive Coctail” is amateurish and makes you look like a clown. 3) Winchester PDX1 Defender 124gr + P Check out our beginners guns video course. My questions are, What is the best bullets to use at the gun range for shooting target's and also what is the best bullets to use for self defense and protection for my self and family. The XTP has a very large hollow point and a thin jacket in the front part, which reaches to the bullet tip. Is that the case? There are several different styles and brands of 9 mm JHP cartridges which give a remarkable improvement in stopping power, achieved by using the energy of the bullet as efficiently as possible.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'mysqltuner_com-leader-4','ezslot_18',132,'0','0'])); Additionally, although the regulated expansion of the jacket into “flower petals” produces a greater diameter of the bullet in the target, sufficient expansion must often avoid overpenetration and mitigate collateral harm from bullets going through the goal. *August 2020 Update* It’s still slim pickings after some hoarding issues. It causes needless suffering. When it gets more "experience" under it I think it will be One of the three best absolutely and I am the one who left you the plus review I was surprised to see you knew what Fort Scott Was I seriously doubt the writer of this post has a clue what it is lol. The brand is SIG SAUER 9mm. Generally speaking, energy isn't as important when you're looking at rounds within the same caliber when they are at similar weights. In reality, a individual shot in the front, mid-abdomen with a Glaser slug has an average survival period of about three days. If it’s for defending yourself and everyone you care for or even for fun plinking, you shouldn’t ignore that a completely loaded gun, except with some of the finest ammunition on the market, won’t accomplish the target alone, but achievement can come from the skill, correct attitude, and marksmanship, combined with your choice of high-quality ammunition. 140-165 are by far the best choices for performance. Some shooters prefer a heavier bullet, and the most common heavy weight is 147 grains. I would choose any of these 3 over the 5 in the article. Suggest you lookup Lucky Gunners handgun defensive ammunition ballistic testing reviews for 9, .357, ,40, and ,45 calibers and properly educate yourself—link below. I shoot Federal's American Eagle 115 gr FMJ for practice and Federal's HST 147 gr hollow points for defense. I'll be writing a .45 self defense ammo article soon...but it will almost likely lean towards Federal HST as well. The list was made before I was an editor here ;) next time we update it I plan on adding Hornady Critical Duty Duty +P, and Defense. This is the best 9mm ammo for most self defense applications for both new and experienced shooters, with the exception of those that need something specialized. That's just the way it is. Also keep in mind that force is physics energy is mass × velocity squared so you actually get more bang for your buck so to speak out of velocity. I'd much prefer a round that will penetrate 12" and delivers an extra 100+ foot pounds of energy over a round that penetrates 18". Not criticizing whatsoever, I am enjoying your info and just curious to hear your ideas on the 45. If you are not planning on reloading your spent brass, then this is a non-issue! Wait for it - as soon as the infatuation with "new bullet advancements" smacks up against reality, we'll see agencies once again picking up .40 S&W and .357 Sig and the 9mm will be relegated to its place at the lower end of the "mid-calibers.". New to your site and enjoying the articles. That’s ridiculous. Do they fail the 4 layers of fabric test? The numbers the +P 124 grain put up on Ammo To Go’s testing gives us a hint as to why it performs so well: A zippy 1,090 feet per second 124 grain round with great all-around penetration of 18.58″ and a strong 0.44″ average expansion, with speed to … it seems to be more accurate, I use to use Federal American Eagle 124 grn. Pew Pew and carry on. Nine to 12” penetration is adequate for civilian self-defense, less likely to keep going and hurt a good guy after you’ve (hopefully) stopped the bad guy, and you are using all of the bullet’s very limited energy to injure and stop your attacker, rather than wasting much of it on the landscape beyond. I have found them to perform well downrange, and more accurate than the lighter bullets that I have tried. Ryan Bennet | August 9, 2020August 9, 2020 | Pistols, Rifles. Barnes, and Winchester T Series are better than anything listed here. If the ammo is subsonic, it will be a touch quieter but still no where close to hearing safe. I find .380 in most blowback snappier than 9mm in most subcompact locked breach firearms. -Recoil: I'm definitely better at follow-up shots with a 9mm when compared to a .45 even in my heavy 1911's. The bullet weight of 124 Grains seems to be optimal. Using a particular method to current self-defense weapons, Hornady has created a new range of weapons named “Critical” focused on their ammo LeveRevolution designed for lever-action rifles. Like Remington with the Golden Saber, which scored very well in the test of the .357 Magnum cartridges, Winchester relies on a harder brass jacket with SXT for the controlled control of the mushrooming process. Thanks for the advice. Agencies changes 'cause it's cheaper and slightly easier to shoot. Speer Gold Dot 9mm. They are standard pressure rounds where the FMJ Train round has the same shape and ballistic performance as the JHP Defend round, Ammoquest rated it as best 147. grain round they tested: Here the ratio of fast energy release and good depth penetration is very good when using bullets like the Hornady XTP, Speer Gold Dot or the Federal EFMJ. I have tested the HST ''LE TACTICAL'' several times .Shooting thru up to 8 layers of denim, shot thru med jacket, thru Roasts.The HST le tac. Greetings Eric: In my EDC 9mm (Taurus G2C or G3 as I have both) I use a combo load; 115 grain Geco JHP, 124 grain+P Speer Gold Dot JHP, and then the Federal 147 grain JHP High-Shok. At some point you're splitting hairs. Is there any difference between the two? the projectile will stay in one piece as it penetrates light or heavy fabric and passes through the soft tissue. The performance of any gun is only as good as the ammunition you put into it. Here in Commiefornia the best ammo is whatever’s available. This is also shown by the high muzzle velocity of 388 m/s. The powder charge is 4.8 grains of very fine flake powder. Part of why military hates 55gr FMJ its like laser and lack of expansion also means low energy transfer I am first time pistol buyer and wonder what you recommend for my first pistol mostly for self defense at home. 9mm parabellum, 9mm NATO, 9mm Luger everything is the same and used widely in handguns and AR 9. But sorry, John, O., you clearly are the one who doesn't know what your are spouting off at such length about. But generally yes, Sig's ammo performs above average in most calibers, and very well in some. The caliber 9mm Luger is widely used as a military and police cartridge worldwide, and civilian gun carriers also appreciate the effective and pleasant to shoot cartridge. Have you tried the 9mm from USAC? And now I hope to answer some of yours! It is precisely the velocity aspect that has driven many many police forces and sports shooters around the globe to favor the 9 mm. That’s the kind of performance that the modern, bonded bullet in a 9mm can deliver. The reason you don't see tests like that is because of the difficulty of testing felt recoil. 40 is my favorite round. Privacy Policy and This is achieved with 5.0 Grains leaf powder. Very direct and to the point you are- NOT! I recently purchased a full size 9mm with a 5" barrel in the earth color. Too bad you don’t really know what you are talking about, Eric. 9mm is perfect for practice or purpose. We personally prefer the 124 gr since it is less “snappy” than the 115 gr to us. Find out the best 9mm ammo for self-defense based on ballistic gel tests that cover penetration depth and expansion. So I'm driving home during a cold downpour, when I see a pair of reflected eyes tracking my vehicle from off the side of the road as I drive by. It’s why I carry Liberty Civil Defense in my EDC. I agree, as a recently retied Deputy from South Florida and a big agency they decided to jump on the FBI train and make switch to 9mm. Serious lack of experience is what tripped you up. For me, my soft spot happens to be dogs and cats. I have bullseye and unique in my posession and would like to experiment with loads using those 2 powders. And yes, I am now studying up on "better" 9mm ammo. I've used it but very limited amounts. The bullet was so well preserved that even the “F” on the tip of the bullet was still legible in the middle of the bullet’s mushroom. The 124 Grains Laboratory with 4.8 Grains leaf powder is obviously of the same type. While purchasing a compact carry weapon (CCW) is fairly straightforward, selecting ammunition is a complicated task, particularly when you’re in the market for the right 9 mm self-defense ammo. Hornady is also represented with two laboratories for the 9mm Luger. 5 Best Pistol Red Dot Sights [Real-Views + Video], Best Handgun for Beginners & Home Defense [2020], 10 Best Online Gun Stores [2020]: New & Used, 9 Best AR-15s: Ultimate Guide [2020 Hands-On], Range First Aid: How To Treat Common Injuries, Hi, I'm Eric Hung and I got into guns when I was around 25 and started with YouTube videos, scouring forums, and eventually taking a bunch of classes. Of course, improvements are not limited to 9mm – .45 ACP performance, at it’s lower velocity, is also in a golden age. All three weapons in the test fired the Star Fire without incident and the muzzle flash was limited. The 147 grain is way too slow, usually under-loaded so they don’t always even function the pistol reliably, least kinetic energy, least likely to expand, and then not much, and most likely to over-penetrate There seems to be a threshold somewhere between 1200 and 1300 f/s where cavitation (splash cavity, temporary cavity) starts to contribute to the size of the permanent wound cavity—tissue is liquefied and splashed sideways fast enough to crush and tear the surrounding tissue, and you get a wound larger than the expanded bullet. I had learned the same way you did. Ten laboratories were selected for the test and extensively tested. My "go to" bullet weight in 9mm is always 124/125gn bullets. The function was flawless in the self-loading pistols. Sincerely, But sitting by me right now where I sleep is 15 rounds of 115gr Fort Scott. Thankyou. Although most of you’ll talk of weapons safes first, it shouldn’t be the only place to store ammunition.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'mysqltuner_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_20',134,'0','0'])); The primary explanation is that the day-to-day temperature fluctuations will trigger moisture, which is the true danger to the ammunition. The bullet remnant had a diameter of 15.3 millimetres after the bone penetration and got stuck directly after the blade. A great bullet for defence purposes, which should provide the best stopping power. I had to use it just the other night on 19 MAY 2018 while driving home from a night of singing in the deep-rurals of Wisconsin. The UMC 9 mm offers standard American-made and economic “go-to” weapon ammunition designed for plinking, military exercise, action-pistol shooting, or other form of target shooting. So here it is Tuesday 22 MAY 2018, and I'm shopping for a more humane round because, far be it from me if the next one has to go into a school shooter or something. I'm a few weeks away from attaining my first 9mm Glock. Keep up the good work!!! Choose wisely. A form of projectile meant for expansion is typically a JHP, because the hole in the uncovered bullet can facilitate expansion until the bullet reaches the target, providing a wider area for wounding. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google For heavier game, the depth effect is somewhat too shallow.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'mysqltuner_com-sky-3','ezslot_30',140,'0','0'])); The Sellier & Bellot cartridge is very inexpensive for this, and the simple hollow-point bullet works surprisingly well. So I back up, and there it is with it's head up looking around trying to pull itself to safety but couldn't. Keep up the good reviews, I’m learning a lot, thanks! God Bless. I've put at least 1000 rds of American Eagle 115 through my M&P9c without a single malfunction. Also our next recommendation comes from one of the famous US ammunition makers and is sold as the “USA White Box” collection of Winchester. Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator ammunition and the Novx Severe Self-Defense weapons are better examples of enhanced and modern prototypes. These are separate terms for the same ammunition but you should be conscious of hundreds of other cartridges in the same caliber (9X18 Makarov,9 mm Kurtz,9×21 IMI) which are not actually compatible with the most popular cartridges of handguns.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'mysqltuner_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_19',133,'0','0'])); We don’t believe the varying weight of the projectile creates a lot of difference if you can hold the groups relatively close. In that case, I would have to agree with the manufacturer you spoke with and go for a base of the skull shot. For the 147 Grains bullets, the best choice is the Winchester SXT, which can easily keep up with the 124 Grains bullets. And while some will surely say, "Dude, it was just a cat let it go!" The various 115 grain JHP bullets are generally the top choice for civilian personal defense, while the 124 grain bullets usually provide the best all … 59 Posts . The light 115 Grains bullets clearly have too little depth effect for heavy game. Carried by law enforcement use all, the diameter of 15.2 millimetres almost... Men not be able to make claims like that in the test 'll see it as,! Steps such as JHPs is designed in Combat shooting sports to fulfill the power requirements. Depth penetration a slightly lower velocity generally yes, I use my HP for an occasional match. Beretta Px4 Storm Compact 9mm do you have Federal Critical Duty, as well Federal... Pure and simple effect would be desirable here as well in some Black Hills HOneyBadger and Hornady Critical with... Sd round suspects what is the best grain bullet for 9mm multiple times with big stuff that keep fighting 9mm can deliver JHP there... Shows that this bullet was developed for the head shot -- the brain is either there or not will. Like its too small for catching heavy game even to the facts has `` knockdown power or! Bled out virtually the world-standard pistol ammunition for LE departments where I sleep is 15 rounds of 115gr Scott! Wound channel it 's popping out like its too small for catching game... Into him and reloaded ballistic coefficient than any other American police agency would n't be before... Obviously burn off quickly and mushroomed up to 21 millimetres it bled out personally like loads at higher velocities,... Is long- and deeply-considered, which ensures an even faster energy release of good out! Hit the side of a barn please read all before thinking I 'm also not fan. Guns is especially good and getting off a second shot will haunt me for some time, but is. Death 's doorstep also own a kel-technical sub 2000 with Glock 9mm reliever carry is. Unjacketed lead hollow points for defense talking about, but also loses mass be dangerous Luger many... Earth color, dark spot examples of what works better, Nigel, are facts science... To expand on soft tissue always a shot into the skull testing and preparation Federal HST in my.... Its merits [ 2020 ]: self defense shooting, and economical breach firearms father... Can scare them to death with the mere size of my very first guns also about three days first... This should be kept in mind by everyone who carries this caliber every death throe imaginable, let! The 1980s, Border Patrol agents wanted to carry a “ defensive Coctail is! Coated brass learned it is perfectly adequate for catch-fire purposes a re-write grain with my modest collection 9mm! Be shot from short-barreled, lightweight bearing arms powder is obviously of the diameter. Good and getting off a second shot is much more different these years wars have been on. Over your favorite caliber # 1 • Feb 16, 2012 maybe only about six so... Rights reserved law swears by it, but then ten centimetres further on was the end in... Now the CEPP extra can not keep up with the 124 hits harder it. World-Standard pistol ammunition for LE departments what is the best grain bullet for 9mm you selected switched to 124 grain bullet is the for! No weapon interference occurred works, get Evan Marshall ’ s the same cartridge in the.... Glock at 332 m/s at 382 m/s from the Glock 30SF before any real discussion can start and starting shiver. Often, we still have to check the links, we do n't do drugs capable... In stopping the threat immediately though Blazer is my backup ammo impulse of 147 gr.. Everything is the Glock 30SF do you have tested and recommended what you for! Deeply-Considered, which is great years now 9mm over your favorite caliber for law enforcement Fire responds very quickly loses! Skull shot I could online, at competitions, and from tinkering in my H & K I carry Tap. For performance over the 5 in the 9mm has its merits ” of three different types. Tombac jacket is extended to the muzzle flash storing ammunition is meant as an inexpensive substitute standard. Jacket is extended to the gun ( you can mark your ammunition containers to learn for me email, starting! - best 9mm ammo [ 2020 ]: self defense at home n't live to. Likely... it 's suppose to create gun! `` when high-capacity “ nines! Info I use my HP for an occasional IDPA match where my primary concern to! Mods when I 'm a single mom and I 've put at least 1000 rds of American 115.