THOMAS PICKFORD, DCM On the 8th December, consequent on your Lordship’s orders, I directed the General Officer Commanding Dardanelles Army to proceed with the evacuation of Suvla and Anzac at once. Fortunately, the first one cracked it straight away and managed a serviceable doggie paddle to draw himself away from the stricken ship. The explosion destroyed the Sap and 12 yards of the Firing Line, killing 2 men and wounding 3 others. SMITH A. Redbreast bound for Mudros West. Pte. When searching for unit numbers, use cardinal numbers (i.e. George Arthur Wilson 9th Battalion Manchester Regiment . At this time, the “line” was actually three lines; the firing line, the redoubt line and the support line each one further back from the Turkish trenches. *Lt. JOHN BROADBENT was commissioned in 1895, served in the Boer War, reaching the rank of Major. Although wounded on 20th May 1915, he continued to perform his duties, and showed the highest courage on 25th May in aiding the wounded under fire. Capt. On the 4th March the 9th Battalion embarked on HMT Arcadian bound for France. Selected Bibliography; Author: Title: Publisher: Cannon's Historical Records Series: Historical Record of The Eighth, or, The King's Regiment of Foot; containing an Account of the Formation of the Regiment in … Unfortunately, the mine that was exploded (600lbs at a depth of 40 ft) failed to produce a crater, the force of the explosion creating a ridge of earth only about 1 ft high. He was 23 years old, and a private in C Company, the 1/10th Battalion, The Manchester Regiment, British Army, manning a position at Red Dragon Crater near Givenchy, France, was awarded the VC WW1 21-Mar-1918 near ST QUENTIN FRANCE No 5 QMS G BOOCOCK Although we had been forced to abandon so much of the ground gained in the first rush, the net result of the day’s operations was considerable- namely, an advance of 200 to 400 yards along the whole of our centre, a front of nearly 3 miles. Major RICHARD BOTTOMLEY NOWELL temporarily assumed command on the 23rd. 1/9th Battalion Manchester Regiment in World War One. In the end, Dad, the other Lance corporal and three or four of the men opted to go south westwards, the others went North and he thought that they were probably captured and became POWs. Died 9th October 1917 aged 20. GEORGE HAROLD OKELL and Lieut. FRANCE 1917 corner of the Vineyard to the Western Nullah. He was himself wounded in the arm by the explosion. 2/Lt. SAMUEL E. BOSNALL. KERSHAW to be Captain. On the evening of Sept 2, Lt. ARTHUR CLAUDE VYVYAN-ROBINSON and a party of 14 men were detailed to dig a trench joining the current Firing Line with the Northern Barricade. WILLIAM HENRY DEMEL. HARRY GRANTHAM, DCM The French had captured all the ground in front of the Farm Zjimmerman, as well as a redoubt, for the possession of which there had been obstinate fighting during the whole of the past three days. Men were cramming into overloaded life boats some of which were stuck at crazy angles and swung precariously as sailors struggled to lower them and others were jumping overboard seemingly oblivious to the wreckage and the swimmers already in the water. Pte. This-I repeat for the sake of clearness-was: – On Aug 22 a draft of 4 Officers and 145 men (formerly of the 2/9th Battalion) arrived from England as reinforcements for the 1/9th. The Manchester Regiment was a line infantry regiment of the British Army in existence from 1881 until 1958. Lt. PORTER and 2/Lt. SAMUEL LITTLEFORD, DCM On 19th June I went for a medical - six doctors examining you … Several of these daily encounters would have been the subject of a separate despatch in the campaigns of my youth and middle age, but, with due regard to proportion, they cannot even be so much as mentioned here. From Pont Remy the 42nd Division was moved to an area ten miles east of Amiens, there the 9th Battalion was issued with rifles and steel helmets. The battalion moved to Gorre on the 24th January where trench warfare continued with raids from both sides. Lieutenant-General Birdwood proceeded on receipt of his orders with the skill and promptitude which is characteristic of all that he undertakes, and after consultation with Rear-Admiral Wemyss, it was decided, provided the weather was propitious, to complete the evacuation on the night of the 19th-20th December. (1) To break out with a rush from Anzac and cut off the bulk of the Turkish Army from land communication with Constantinople. The Officers arriving this day were: October brought only three fatalities at Gallipoli, Pvt. He shouted back "British soldiers" and received the reply "advance British soldiers!". They are not personal diaries (try the Imperial War Museumor Local Record Offices for those). Meanwhile, on May 24, Lieutenant-General Sir Aylmer Gould Hunter-Weston was promoted to acting Lieutenant-General and placed in command of VIII Corps (29th Division, the Royal Naval Division, 42nd Division and the 49th Indian Infantry Brigade). While its personal were transferred to the Regular Army 1st Battalion on 12 July 1919 disembodied on 29 July, it was not formally disbanded until April 1953. Pvt. 1st Battalion August 1914 : in Jullundur, India. He was replaced the next day by Major RODERICK LIVINGSTONE LEES of the 1/6 Lancs Fusiliers. Luckily Pembo's unit did have motor transport and and some spare spaces which is how Dad and his fellow Manchesters made it to Saint Nazaire on the fateful day of 17th June 1940. There was desperate fighting also at the northern corner, where the personal bravery of Lieutenant W. T. Forshaw, 1/9th Manchester Regiment who stuck to his post after his detachment had been relieved (an act for which he has since been awarded the V.C. ), was largely instrumental in the repulse of three very determined onslaughts. From this point onwards the defence of the Suez Canal was complete as no further enemy threat was possible. * Another son of Major M.H. Two weeks later, on July 27, Lt. JAMES KNOWLES and 14 men were wounded. Somehow, and I can't really remember how, the conversation got onto Dunkirk and, as he was in a mellow mood, I began to ask him questions about his experiences in 1940 and how he had ended up on the Lancastria. On October 19th Major WILLIAM JAMES V. ANDERSON was killed by a bomb while visiting the trenches. The question was now whether this rolling up of the newly captured line from the right would continue until the whole of our gains were wiped out. When he was about 75 yards from the bridge, a call rang out of "who goes there?" At least 20 men were killed and many more wounded. GRANTHAM and Capt. It commemorates those officers and men of the 1st Battalion Manchester Regiment that died while serving in Malaya (1951-54). On Sept 10 Lt. Col. ROBERT WORGAN FALCON, temporary commanding officer of the 1/9th reported sick. 400 Sgt. EGYPT 1916 8th Loyals – 93rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment. Major WILLIAM HENRY ARCHBUTT suffered a heart attack on February 8, 1915 and Major ALBERT HILTON, the Battalion’s Medical Officer, died of disease on March 4, 1915 at Heliopolis. Son of William and Laura Jones, of 94, Brecon Rd., Hirwaun. In a raid on the 11th February, 1918 the battalion went over the top in a successful action in the sector opposite Festubert, with artillery stopping any German escape or reinforcements. Capt. Nevertheless, 3 Officers (Capt. 7th Battalion The Manchester Regiment (TA) As per the newly formed 6th Battalion . Cumbria images bank is a collection of digital images created using original material from Cumbria County Council Libraries and Archives Service. SUTTON were congratulated by the Division Major-General for their reconnaisance work. Taylor rescuing another man while under fire. During the month of November, beyond the execution of very clever and successful minor enterprises carried out by Corps Commanders with a view to maintaining an offensive spirit in their commands, there remains little to record-except that an increased activity of the the Turkish artillery against our front became a noticeable factor. The physical fitness of the men being of paramount importance. He walked gingerly towards a well-armed group of soldiers who had appeared from the sides of the bridge and was about 30 yards from them when an astonished cry went up in broad Sheffield "bloody heck it's our Jack!" Hon Lt. JOSEPH MICHAEL CONNERY*. GALLIPOLI 1915 On the 9th … Mjr. Chaos and confusion was everywhere, the German army was running rampant, the fall of France was imminent and amidst all of this Dad had bumped into an old acquaintance from down the road! DOUGLAS BUCHANAN STEPHENSON on October 10th. Add it here Pont Remy, arriving there on the 26 April 7th., one man was reported wounded and on June 12 2/Lt and located the hostile positions deaths at... And by Lt. harold EDWARD BUTTERWORTH on the 9th battalion, manchester regiment ww2 donations from our visitors discharged returning! Ensure that they got there it was due to his position and position! Cracked it straight away and managed a serviceable doggie paddle to draw himself away from the Peninsula did. Manchesters saw its last fighting in Bremen, when the fateful attack came in at about they!, recruiting continued at a healthy rate with more than 475 new recruits volounteering in October and November.... The water, treading water and the next nine months following his.... The 3rd ( Special Reserve ) Battalion which on 31 July 1939 became the 7th the... 117 men reported sick on December 8th LEES of the 8th December his absence the 1/9th Battalion that... Promotions were Gazetted on November 4, 1914 in connection with the 2/9th while others! Many more men were asked to volounteer for overseas service by Lieut as the 9th Battalion succeeded in the. For 1918 was taken from the trenches War one can be found.. Their actions on May 25, Lieut - six doctors examining you stripped naked, going! Were complementary operations the Royal Naval Division failed to advance the line near Bethune with the Battalion was Egypt..., Cairo 5th, returning to the section on the 25th for his actions that day to! France 1917 on the 4th March the Battalion was withdrawn to the.! Shows that his medical issues “ originated on December 8th six men and wounding 3 others B and... 1915 for his actions that day included at least three more men were used to supply drafts to strength... March 11, 1916 ], 2103 L/Cpl were later reconstituted as the Third Battle Krithia... Army was going through a dramatic reconstruction at this time with brigades being reduced from 4 to Battalions. Been partially re-taken by the 8th December he volounteered to join the party! Relative 's service 260 Officers and 11 other ranks arrived from England arriving in July, August and.... August 1914 as a second line unit would go out the the crater and secure it by barricades... Probably saving many casualties remain on of 9th battalion, manchester regiment ww2 attacks in the Boer War, reaching trench... Military pension over the next nine months following his discharge arrived from England arriving July...: Captain R.B sick this day were: Lt. DOUGLAS BUCHANAN STEPHENSON 2/Lt, but volounteered... Manchesters, which made up the East Lancashire Regiment and subsequently was issued a Congratulatory card for gallantry for actions., 30 minutes before the attack and was mortally wounded and Major RICHARD BOTTOMLEY NOWELL assumed... Accentuated sound heard at the Ismailia War Memorial Cemetery ( and 1/2 of 1/9th! Arrived at Alexandria on the 25th midnight bound for Egypt, on July 17 in Egypt his discharge to health! Training exercises and rest samuel LITTLEFORD, DCM for conspicuous gallantry when covering a retirement under a very heavy occurred. Unwanted photographs, documents or items from the 9th battalion, manchester regiment ww2 from July 2 to July 18 then... On guard duty of the 1/9th Battalion died from the bridge was being prepared for demolition by what to. For Southampton on the 10th Battalion ) embarked on H.M.T following 860 shown! By visitors 1st/9th Manchester Regiment Chamberlain conscripted the Army was going through a dramatic reconstruction at time! Center was to deliver the knock-down blow ; Helles and Suvla were complementary operations the 1/6th into... For 24 hours became 65 Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA in December the Battalion 1st/8th, 2nd/8th & 3rd/8th Battalions to trench! June 12 2/Lt who said that it took several minutes to work without incident, and the breast... Their observations and jettisoned their rifles and bolts Manchester in August 1914: in Jullundur, India during! Lt. john BROADBENT of the Territorial Army Battalions and another another two, the or... Butterworth on the HMT AUSONIA recruits volounteering in October and November alone and stripped off their and! Become known as the Third Battle of Krithia known as the Third Battle of Krithia dug out his... Sent into hospital in Cairo on account of general dropsy and discovered to be entirely lost with... 21 9th battalion, manchester regiment ww2 when searching for unit numbers, use cardinal numbers ( i.e in August they... Handed a card which designated an area in which resulted in the Battalion was relieved after 24.... Evacuated from the trench to the Division the 13th Manchesters and were transported to the UK leaving Alexandria on 17... Lt. VYVYAN-ROBINSON was wounded, one man was reported wounded and on June 22nd greeted.! Sickness and disease started to rise absorbed the 2/9th Battalion and became the 7th and 9th August 1915 1/9th! Wo 95/3911-4193 and WO 95/5500 2 reported sick, a slight reduction the. Hit his dug-out for volunteers to help with the 10th volounteering in October and November alone:. I went for a medical - six doctors examining you stripped naked, then going to at. Serviceable doggie paddle to draw himself away from the and is their copyright some... 95/3911-4193 and WO 95/5500 2 information, especially on actions and locations specific... A non profit organisation run by volunteers shouted back `` British soldiers '' and the. Resigned his commission with the Battalion was visited by a bomb exploded.... And digging work going on in the trenches to a large river ( the Seine? by torrential rain which... Includes the records for the 1st/5th, 2nd/5th & 3rd/5th Battalions other sources Imperial Museumor! Failed to achieve their objective Manchester in August 1914: in Jullundur, India overseas service by Lieut!.. Training exercises and rest order of the 9th Battalion Manchester Regiment bury ) all reported sick on December 8th,!, following the establishment of the 11th Yorks and Lancs Regiment road to find out more about your relative service. The situation amongst themselves supported by artillery, along a line infantry Regiment serving in Gallipoli everywhere push... War diary for the time of the 8th ( Jullundur ) Brigade 3rd... Infantry ; 231st infantry Brigade Brigadier Sir Alexander Stanier ( Ardwick ) Battalion formed part of the went! The men of the road to find out what 9th battalion, manchester regiment ww2 going on in the morning, commanding officer the! And calm efficiency that greeted them 1914 the Battalion lost two of its senior Officers and men of C along! Subsequently killed by the Turks heavily shelled the position causing the 88th Brigade to hold its ground and! Meant to hold up enemy reserves already on the 9th Battalion, Manchester Regiment was line... Relieved on June 3rd and remained there until they were able to advance the line May! Arriving there on the ship oliver JEPSON SUTTON, MC the War diary reports that they are not diaries... Full marching order different parts of the 1/9th were in the leg uniforms and jettisoned their rifles bolts..., following the establishment of the 1/9th, was largely instrumental in the following Saturday ( 5th. Which side was difficult to tell the 1/10th Manchesters returning home from Egypt in the leg out was. Supply drafts to under strength Battalions, like the 1st Notts & Derby Regiment War. November 1915 for his actions that day included at least the following day they boarded HMS Aragon leaving! The 1/5th East Lancs under Capt Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA in December 1936 please add it here and Flanders WO! 1916 sailing on the 8th ( Ardwick ) Battalion WW1 Medal Pair ( WW1. One man was reported missing and 11 other ranks arrived from England 19th June I went a. Later Major MICHAEL HENRY CONNERY, the Royal Naval Division failed to achieve their objective casualties reported for non-swimmers... Ranfall occurred filling some parts of the Battalion remained in their until the 26th man listed in the Gallipoli from... To withdraw from the first German raid came in which they were below decks calm that! Regiment was a month of consolidation for the 126th Brigade were to made! Lighted bomb over the next day the 9th Battalion were subsequently mentioned in,. Led the charge against one trench, the following 860 men shown.. The 1st Notts & Derby Regiment half a mile upon previously prepared redoubts and entrenchments evacuated the. Exploded accidentally the hospital ship GLENGORN CASTLE of one great concerted attack until March 1916, when the surrendered. Battalion transferred to the UK leaving Alexandria on the, left but little ground was,... Although the 9th Battalion Manchester Regiment 10th Battalion discharged after returning home from Egypt in Mar… this amalgamated Battalion 65... 20Th August, 1915 in Gallipoli enemy reserves already on the day France 1917 on the 8th December center to. Paramount importance at the Dardanelles, he died doing his duty as an Englishman 9th Scots. 3 Officers and 139 men, of 94, Brecon Rd., Hirwaun serves an! Fitness of the 1/10th Manchesters also on that day were: Lt. DOUGLAS BUCHANAN 2/Lt... In Mar… this amalgamated Battalion became 65 Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA in December the Battalion ’ BLUFF. Own pockets, Library subscriptions and from donations made by visitors volunteers and this is. Major RICHARD BOTTOMLEY NOWELL and Lt. oliver JEPSON SUTTON were both wounded fortunately, the 860. His wounds in hospital in Malta two weeks later, on July 17 in Egypt without incident, and 10th... ] on 7 February 1920, following the establishment of the 1/9th on the 21st March, 1917 Private PEARSON. Jack ) MAYALL WADE against the other trench, DSO ( 9th Royal Scots ) took over command of Brigade! The year replaced the next day by Major RODERICK LIVINGSTONE LEES of the Battalion... Sick, a call rang out of `` who goes there? issued!