These 20 men explain in detail why they love women's feet. Ticklish feet are usually a good indication of health. I often experience more or less the same thing. The effect of a light touch that results in a tickling sensation is … Answer. According to Nirenberg, patients who either have ticklish feet or feel foot pain should feel fortunate—losing ticklish sensation on the feet can indicate neuropathy, a disease in which the nerves deteriorate. From: Florence, South Carolina, US. You are not tickling your foot. Wiki User Answered . And why does it feel so good? Some people have a very strong response, and others are only ticklish sometimes. While some people genuinely dislike the fact that their feet are ticklish, having sensitive feet is actually a good thing. Scientists and psychologists at one time thought ticklishness was a reflex, but now view it as social-bonding behavior that can be learned at an early age between a parent and child. Is the cream in most good quality moisturisers, from cows? 4. Non-ticklish feet can indicate problems with nerve receptors caused by illnesses such as diabetes mellitus, arthritis, certain vitamin deficiencies or thyroid problems. I've always been able to tickle myself, like if I just rub my bare foot bottom, along the wood under my desk IT TICKLES and I have to stop. He posited that a child expecting to be tickled laughed, but a child who wasn’t expecting to be tickled initially showed displeasure. Similar to why some people are ticklish and others are not, mood can influence why some people like or dislike it. I do have the same feeling in my hands but not always.,, Posted in News, Uncategorized | Light tickling, such as the brush of a feather across the soles of your feet, is called knismesis. Losing ticklish sensation on the feet can also indicate neuropathy, a disease in which the nerves deteriorate.