9-12, Child LA dose= Child’sweight (lb)/150(lb) x Adult dose. A- Gap formation which allows bacterial penetration into the dentin tubules, B- Gap formation which allows an outward flow of fluid from through the dentin tubules, C- Direct toxic effects of a 15 second acid etc on the pulp, D- Cuspal deformation due to contraction forces of polymerization shrinkage. 1 ok so in child w/ leukemia pulpotomy/pulpectomy  is contraindicated, but for permanent teeth no if it can be completed within one day. Ans C (distal of primary MN M1 and mesial of MN M2). In a 15 year old pateint, #8/9 fell out, can put implant b/c at age 12 vertical growth of maxillary bone complete. Scaling & root planning 2. type 2 (D2), Best prognosis for implant? Maintenance: 3 months Localized vertical bone loss on molars seen on which periodontitis: localized aggressive localized aggressive periodontitis bacteria? NBDE Part 2. 1200 Plus NBDE Part 2 Remembered Questions-Answers PDF Free Download | [PDF] 1055 Remembered Questions for NBDE Part 2 DHA and HAAD Exams PDF Free Download Section. Treatment: buccal flap (if communicate at time of surgery less than 2 nothing, if between 2-6: suture, if more than 6 flap), proper placement of a lower universal extraction forceps for the removal of tooth 4.6 involves placing the beaks of the forceps. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); nbde practice exam nbde part 2 questions free download. If patient has gagger and inoperable palatal torus and lingual has less than 7mm of space to floor: When you push on distal extention of lower RPD, and indirect retainer rest comes up, tx? C (midline shifts twds affected side but functional shift away from affected side), What happens with inter-canine distance after mixed dentition, stable, no change Ans.C increases during mixed dentition then stabilizes), Orthodontic correction of a maxillary midline diastema is most appropriate in a/an, 8 year old patient without a thumb sucking habit. What not related with the splinting multiple mobile teeth? Now, in this section of the article, you will be able to get access to the 1055 Remembered Questions for NBDE Part 2 DHA and HAAD Exams PDF Free Download file in .pdf format. Hemiseptum 2. To practice dentistry in the USA you will need to get admission to 2 years of DDS course being provided in the various dental colleges in the USA. 129- Most common location for caries in a 4 year old child? D. Development of a benign neoplasm adjacent to its crown, Psuedocyst: Aneurysmal bone cyst, traumatic bone cyst, stafne defect and mucocele, Ans: B Aneurysmal bone cyst, traumatic bone cyst, stafne defect and mucocele NOT true. what is common between chronic periodontitis and generalized aggressive periodontitis? A. What is the correct method of excavation of deep caries close to pulp? If base of pocket is located apical to osseous crest or at MG junction, do perio flap), high caries index, Deciding between full/partial thickness flap: depends on amount of keratinized gingiva (>2mm for split minimum), Gingivectomy is NOT indicated when the base of the pocket is located, D- Apical to the cervical convexity of the tooth crown. Main difference and advantage of using GMT instead of Enamel hatchet? Kvp: beam quality, ability for the beam to penetrate tissues, energy (quality & quantity), Only Kvp and Filtration affect Contrast. Which of the following is the best initial treatment? What type of movement, 33 years old Male Fat Patient had septal deviation suffer from sleep apnea, which one of the following is NOT related to sleep apnea. The National Board Dental Examination Part II (NBDE II*) is a two-day examination administered on computer. A patient with mild sedative what do u expect regarding his response? Download Mosby’s Review for the Nbde: Part 2 2nd Edition PDF Free. Rotational forces, deflection of Pontic occlusogingival: directly related to cubic Pontic length, minimal accepted C:R ratio: 1:1 packing cord: Epi (avoid w/ HTA causes inc in BP), aluminium potassium sulfate, Zinc Chloride (causes necrosis of sulcular epi), electrosurgery (removes thin layer of sulcular epithelium contraindicated in pt w pacemaker/insulin pump), Gold Type I & II: Used for Inlays Gold type III: Used for all metal ceramic crowns & Bridges. The most important principal governing the location and outline of the lingual or occlusal opening into the pulp chamber is: complete removal of roof and pulp chamber, removal of all caries and defective restorations materials. In Apically positioned full thickness flap, vertical incision may or may not be needed, In coronally displaced full thickness flap, Vertical incisions are a must. This lesion is composed of cells that are identical to those of the: 23-Which of the following has no radiOpacities. Antibiotic coverage B. Choose from 500 different sets of nbde part 2 flashcards on Quizlet. Ans B: fracture is due to improper cavity design, With the increase in bonded surf, increase shrinkage, With the decrease in bonded surf, increase shrinkage, Ans. Max permissible dose of radiation in a year: Dental professional: 5 rem/year, 50 msv/year, 4 msv/month, 0.8 msv/week, Non occlpational/prego assitant: 0.1 rem/year, 0.0001 sv/year, Radio-sensitive: Immature blood cells esp lymphocytes /bone marrow, Reproductive (#1), Intestine, Mucous Membrane, Radio-resistant: Muscles (#1), Nerves, heart, mature bone, salivary glands, First thing that will happen after high dose of radiation? Gain access to more than 1600 NBDE Part II board review practice questions with detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect responses. C (I thnk A and C), Serial extraction required: For sever arch length descripancy (more than 10mm in Bolton analysis) in mixed dentition. https://www.asahq.org/standards-and-guidelines/asa-physical-status-classification-system. Bite-wing radiographs show a normal dentino-enamel junction. Oral prophylaxis at 3-month intervals b. indications: shallow/moderate pockets w bases coronal to MG junction, high esthetic regions, Partial thickness flap apical to mucogingival junction, Full thickness flap apical to mucogingival j, 1)in addition to improving accessibility for instrumentation, removes the pocket wall, thereby reducing or eliminating the pocket, 2)facilitates instrumentation but does not attempt to reduce pocket depth, 3)improves accessibility and eliminates the pocket, but does the latter by apically positioning the soft tissue wall of the pocket. Histology: Pseudostratified squamous epithelium cystic lining. Max: up and in, 31- In genioplasty surgery there is risk of damage to , in retromolar flap lingual N. Greatest risk to injure IA nerve on extraction of 3rd molars: What could be least possible in differential diagnosis of unilateral pain over TMJ, headache , restricted mouth opening, 3 weeks after wisdom tooth extraction: The most appropriate time to remove a supernumerary tooth that is disturbing the eruption of a permanent tooth is, as soon as possible. Where >2mm of attached gingiva exists. Most common cause of sealant failure: moisture, Common reason amalgam fails: inadeqeuate depth How many permanent teeth does a 9 year old have in the mouth. With 2000 MCQ's to solve, you will have a good practice to analyze your preparation. What is the treatment of choice? Fluoride gel in custom tray 0.4% Stannouss fl (causes staining) or neutral sodium fl 1% (most common over the counter) must be kept in for 4min (SnF acidic and bad for porcelain ph is 2), Animal has caries and feed them cariogenic food via stomach tube. B. apply a radiation protection badge. D. topical fluoride application. After, qx a mesial root tip on a molar extraction breaks, what’s the first thing you do? most common sign of tooth trauma from occlusion: ANS B=fremitus(X-ray: PDL Widening, lamina dura thickening, angular bone loss, root resorp, hypercementosis) for fremitus can also selectively grind down . D- Improper buccolingual position of the teeth. Auxilliary resistance from features in fixed dental prostheses such as boxes and grooves should ideally be located? The format of the questions is usually a direct knowledge-based question or an incomplete statement. Permanent maxillary ant. B- A fracture through the site of an impacted third molar, C- An angle fracture and contralateral parasymphyseal fracture, D- A jaw in which the treatment has been delayed by the management of other injuries, Ans A (muscles that up fractured segment up in condylar fracture are sling muscles and temporalis meanwhile lateral pterygoid of contralateral moves TWDS side of facture +contralateral open bite), 1 Max sinus 2 orbit 3 zygomatic process Ans 1, Removal of the ranula and part of sublingual gland, after man 3rd molar extraction what may happen, 3 parasthesia, bone fracture, alveolar ostitis, Ans  1 (bleeding, infection, dry socket, Trismus), Damage to the lingual nerve following a mandibular third molar extraction is, preventable in most cases. Patient complains that his new bilateral distal extension RPD “feels loose” and abutment tooth is sensitive to percussion issue? Work horse and high predictability AFP indications: surgically eliminate mod/deep pockets, furcation, Cr lengthening. Mark one answer: Hypoparathyroidism Hyperthyroidism Hyperparathyroidism Hypoplastic amelogenesis imperfecta, Q:9-When a drug dosage is increased to achieve the same effect as the first dosage, what has increased? B- VDO was incorrect but length of occlusal rim was adequate, D- length of occlusal rim is adequate for esthetics but VDO was wrong, Patient 74 years old wants new total dental prosthesis upper and lower (DAY 2), -Anatomic with 20 grade of cusps angulation, -Anatomic with 30 grade of  cusps angulation, -Semi-Anatomic with 10 grade of cusps angulation, Flabby tissues in anterior maxilla for a complete denture impression = Passive/ mucostatic technique. A newborn girl was delivered via cesarean section due to airway patency concerns. B. glass-ionomer restorations. Couple of months ago he used to take nitroglycerine weekly. when pouring gypsum material into an impression, which material causes the LEAST amount of bubbles? occlusal rest MINIMUM 2 in center and 1.5 mm minimum on marginal ridge. extract the contralateral maxillary first molar to maintain arch.symmetry, 186 – diagnosis : Florid cemento osseous dysplasia, Informed consent can have all of the following EXCEPT: A) Informed consent must, be presented in advance of the treatment. Increase value (we cannot increase value/brightness), Wavelength: Hue (to change hue use orange), how to reduce value: add complementary color (purple), Most important dimension of color, dental restorations/whiteness/darkness of teeth: value, Green discoloration of entire porcelain: Silver, at margin: copper, Most dimentionally stable impression: Addition silicone (PVS) can stay for 1 week, has best everything but sulfure in latex can inhibit. after ⅔ to ¾ of the permanent root has formed. Free nbde online practice tests to pass nbde part 2 test. Management denture stomatitis (candida) is very important: Each of the following is a common cause of denture gagging EXCEPT one. Decrease, stopped, increase, unaltered, Only Seen when dried with air-dried with air syringe. When a simple tipping force is applied to the crown of a single-rooted tooth, the center of rotation is located. D- Width of the attached gingiva Ans D Width of attached gingiva will give Pocket depth and Location of the mucogingival junction. which cell doesn’t present in all stages of chronic periodontitis? Ans D (stability=flange/stable base) TX of hyperplasic tissues may involve: tissue rest, soft relign, changing habit (taking out at night), but ultimately need surgical removal if extensive. C- the retainers are passive on the abutments. Each of the following governs the extension of the buccal flange while making a mandibular impression on an edentulous arch EXCEPT one. How to treat? ), Most strong porcelain: firing under compression What increases with age: chroma, How to prevent Metamerism? 1) internal resorption with close to perforation. Free Sample NBDE Part 1 Exam questions 2020 Past Papers Questions of ADC/NBDE and NDEB with Answers and Explanations (Download Pdf) In this article we will share stuff related to Australian Dental Council Exam, NBDE Part 1 and NDEB. In health, the crest of the alveolar bone, as seen in a radiograph, is situated 1~to~2mm apical to the CEJ. For prevention of future caries what should be instructed: D fluoride rinse daily after brushing. What to make sure to do in Pedo anesthesia? on the lingual and buccal enamel of the crown and applying apical pressure during luxation. Primary support for complete denture? Compared to a full thickness flap, a partial thickness(split-thickness) flap will. Coleman’s sign (guerlin sign for  Lefort I). understand the inclines for each side. To be eligible, students must have passed the NBDE Part 1. Patient has a premolar A2 PFM crown and its not good at esthetics because teeth are all B1 main problem in the crown? M is alphabetical; 8947 is a decimal. Which teeth do you perform pulp evaluation on? B (tuft) but if ALL of the above, go with that (because needs lingual arch, C is correct from dentin and decrease in arch length too). Which of the following anatomic structures CANNOT be seen on periapical, E- Intermaxillary (median palatine) suture, A patient experienced a blow to the mouth. Q:7-Inadequate maturation of crystal structure is due to: Q:8-What condition is caused by an increase in thyroid hormone due to thyroid tumors? Increase tensile and compressive strengths, hardness, and improve wear resistance. Examination fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Full-thickness flap used for purpose of open flap debridement, facilitating instrumentation and regenerative procedures. a Periapical lesion was discovered 1.5 years after an uncondensed, single cone root canal filling was placed in max central incisor. Which of the following statements are correct? C it is the ratio of bonded to unbounded surfaces (highest in class I and class V). Which would NOT be included in a differential diagnosis of the right mandibular molar radiolucency? No byproducts but Hydrogen gas if moisture, Condensation silicone: give ethanol as byproduct, Least dimentionally stable: condensation silicone and hydrocolloid, most rigid/stiff: polyether (shortest working time, fastest setting time), hydrophilic, imbibition with water (worst hydrocolloid), Strongest resistance to tearing: polysulfide (by product is water, syneresis), Best wettability(adhesion): hydrocolloids, polyether (least condensation silicone), Zoe: add water to accelerate and oil to retard, RMGI What is the advantage beside fluoride release: Anticariogenic, chemical bond, GIC: chemically adherent to tooth structure(acid base), Color stability in resin: UDMA (less amine as TEGMA is for viscosity), Resin initiator of polymerization in light cure: camphorquinone, Resin initiator in self cure: benzoyl peroxide. More questions to help you study. 2) occurs in episodic and intermittent manner, 3) shows periods of destruction and quiescence, 4) destructive periods are marked by increased non motile gram +ive microbes. Which of the following should NOT be included in a differential diagnosis? Which of the following would be LEAST likely to lead to the development of root surface caries on facial surfaces? NBDE Frequently Asked Questions About Scoring (PDF) To access the NBDE Part II application, select it on the left navigation. 1 Leukaemia gingival enlargement is seen only in dentulous patients. C. palpable regional lympnodes; Necrotic ulcer on lateral surface of the tongue, Necrotic ulcer on lateral surface of tongue extends to floor of mouth. And C (assume 2% taper unless stated otherwise 0.35+(2%x16)=0.67 mm) =D1 +(2%x16). S (occlusal rims should barely touch) checking plane of occlusion with? We will share True Recall Questions here which are shared by the students who took their exams. C.diff treated with metro and vanco. On palatal must cut tissue. Most common location of SCC (most common oral cancer): Posterior lateral border of tongue (intraoral site), Uncontrolled diabetes inhibits osteoblastic activity, Most common site of Basal cell carcinoma: Middle third of the face, Multiple myeloma: Bence jones protein, punched out lesion, plasma cell infiltrate, skeletal, Fibrous dysplasia: Ground glass appearance, Verrucous carcinoma (on vestible): Cauliflower, warts caused by HPV 16 & 18 and betel quid Proliferative Verukiform Leukoplasia (tongue): poor prognosis, no tx, All of the following are congenital except…, regional odontodysplasia d. ectodermal dysplasia ans C. Regional odontodysplasia/ghost teeth: enamel, dentin and cementum all affected. Which of the following is the diameter, in millimeters, of a 21 mm long, #35 K-file at D16? and 3, Major connector: rigidity and stability (beaded to depth and width grove of 0.5mm, increases strength and prevents food impaction), Mandibular bilateral distal extension for long time, when you put pressure on one side, opposite lifts: a. no indirect retention used. Placement of an endosseous implant after grafted alveolar cleft should occur after a 4-month consolidation period. So Enjoy these nbde certification review course to get enough knowledge for nbde books free download attempt. Sulcular (PDL) injection (because bacteria filled sulcus can cause bacteremia). crack: tooth is cracked (M-D), the light will be blocked, allowing only a segment of the tooth structure to light up, or use X-ray at 90 degree and 45 degree if only has a craze line, the entire tooth structure will light up (only in enamel) VRF: CBCT best way to dx or x-ray, then probe defect after long standing, most common in Mx PM1, to diagnose “J”, Most common donor site of free gingival graft: Palate, Main reason for failure of FGG: lack of blood supply, Infection (2nd most), 2 most critical parameter for prognosis perio: CAL** and mobility, Bacteria responsible for collagenase activity: P. gingivalis, Most common perio: chronic (in black males), Most common pattern of osseous defect in chronic periodontitis: Horizontal/crater, Most common teeth lost by perio problem: MX M1, Chronic Periodontitis: Most common in Black males, people older than 65, Post operative sensitivity after perio surgery decreased by: doing-plaque control, Initial re-evaluation after SRP: 4-8 weeks. Tx? C always in angina: stop tx, position, O2, NTG, reassure, take vitals, explain to him/her everything (sort of tell-show-do), Dentist applied topical benzocaine on patient mouth. Can increase by 5degree). intrusion in primary teeth: no tx, let spontaneous re-eruption. 2.1 for another year. When osseointegration occurs, which of the following best describes the implant–bone interface at the level of light microscopy following osseointegration? in non-working lateral interference which muscle can possibly experience spasm? 3)Exposure of root dentin during the finishing procedures, 4) too deep the axial depth of the preparation, 33 -Pt went to educational clinic with deep class 3 in upper lateral, while the student preparing the cavity the time is over so he should put temporary filling which one he should use. The correct total liter flow of nitrous oxide-oxygen is determined by the amount necessary to keep the reservoir bag: 1/3 to 2/3 full. Best benzodiazepine for pt with liver cirrhosis: LOT (Lorazepam, Oxazepam, Temazepam) due to not metabolized by liver, so safe for to not induce liver failure. D- Flap margin placement at the osseous crest. A padicle flap requires donor site to have thick and wide gingiva, B free connective tissue graft requires thick tissue at donor site, C sandwich type flap require gingival thickness at donor site, D pouch and tunnel require gingival thickness at recipient site, Only undisplaced flaps can be used on palate, For a flap to be displaced apically, coronally or laterally, it must be a full thickness flap, Crestal incisor and sulcular incisions are always Internal bevel incision. Mobile teeth and pt’s discomfort and better control of occlusion if front are mobile. Dislodge maxilla: if corornoid area too thick, if post dam too deep. What determines the level of a class II gingival seat on primary tooth? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The most predictable for treatment of perio disease? NBDE Part 2 Sample Questions and Answer 2020 Tags: NBDE Resources Download Dentistry Exams Comments: 0 (use Dr. fun for second day, master day 2, unicorn) Caterpillar corrected saba. ServSafe; Military. In this test you have to answer nbde self assessment exam. ans 3 (should be 2-3 mm below CEJ of adj tooth), Cervical position while placing an implant, how should the implant be placed in relation to adjacent CEJ? A- Cytomegalovirus B- Allergy to tomatoes C- Herpes simplex virus D- Staphylococcal organisms E- Human leukocyte antigens. A. Perio lesion from pulp lesion has better prognosis B. Endo lesion from perio lesion has better prognosis C. Perio treatment before endo has better prognosis D. Perio surgery has better prognosis for perio-endo lesions ans A. demonstrate similar clinical presentation. Type III. Management of epulis fissuratum/inflammatory papillary hyperplasia is very important because: Superinfection is a regular complication. Which one is this EXCEPTION? A (major connector provides rigidity and cross arch stabilization), What is combination clasp: type of circumferencial clasp where retentive arm made of wraught wire for flexibility, reciprocal arm is ridged from metal cast, and distal rest. Provide retention for a crown B. Patient came to the office with Oro-antral fistula 6mm, 1 week after extraction. A fixed dental prosthesis that uses an osseointegrated implant as one abutment and a natural tooth as the other abutment is likely to fail due to which of the following? Patient got pale discoloration, cyanosis, chocolate brown blood, what is the reason, Methaglobenemia ans. Triangular (and buccinator and orbibularis) (mandibular labial flange is limited by mentalis muscle), labial frenum – orbicularis oris for lower (for upper nothing), for upper buccal it is levator anguli, buccinators pulls back, orbicularis pulls fwd. Healing period: Maxilla: 5- to 6-month Mandible: 3- to 4-month healing period. Class III patient: which of the following is not helpful in establishing whether pt has retrognathic maxilla or prognathic mandible? D) Informed consent must contain risks and benefits of the treatment, https://www.aapd.org/media/Policies_Guidelines/BP_CariesRiskAssessment.pdf, cephalometric analysis: to check profile must use soft tissue (point Sb-subnasale and Pog’), rule is for magnification and ethmoid sinus is only one that cannot be seen (frontal, maxillary and sphenoid are identifiable), For LAP: give metronidazole. If excessive post dam thickness, denture unseats, Bead and boxing of adequate width for cast = 0.75mm or 3/8” Cast thickness = 16 mm from the highest spot on the and 5 mm from sides, Tingeling at lower lip: reduce buccal flange (mental foramen impinged) tingling palate: reduce incisive papilla, Soar throat: impinging retromyloheioid (SPC and palatoglossus), Ant max teeth should be set are 8-10 mm infront of max papilla so facial to ridge, Cheek biting: cause by horizontal edge to edge of teeth, Trouble swallowing: inc VDO, dec interocclusal space, Biting corner of mouth: canine and premolar set too fwd, Tongue biting: post teeth set too lingually, Ridge soar: premature occlusal contacts (use disclosing wax to see), Dislodge mandible: if teeth on ascending ramus, if OVEREXTENDED DB flange (masseter). Dr. Fun july 2020 mamba mentality. A posterior tooth has a large carious lesion extending subgingivally. may be local vascular problem causing teeth to be affected during formation, x-ray: almost invisible teeth. MOA of Sulfonamides: Inhibit folic acid suynthesis, MOA of Bisphosphonate: Inhibit the Osteoclast via apoptosis, MOA of Periostat: Inhibit collagenase/protein synthesis, Acetaminophen is contraindicated with Liver disease (cause hepatotoxicity) and alcohol, Nitrous Oxide contraindications: 1st trimester only, nasal congestion, COPD, Asthmatic pt: Used Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Avoid using Aspirin, can cause Hyperventilation( asthma attack), Macrolides avoided in Asthma (interact with Theophylline), Antihistamine is contraindicated with Erythromycin: Terfenadine, Epinephrine (Adrenalin) should NOT be used with tricyclic anti-depressant, hyperthyroidism max epi given in cardiac pt: 0.04 mg (2 carpules of 1:100,000 and 4 carpule of 1: 200,000), In multiple sclerosis: LA with epi is contraindicated. Patient came to visit your office, complain that she shows too much gum when smiles. Which of the following statements about enamel is not true? It consists of a comprehensive 1½ day of examination. Pulp necrosis. Vs. BSSO DO done in young age, growth seen after, less nerve damage b/c 1mm activation per day, less time, less relapse, but more discomfort and more follow up, Correct bimaxillary Class III: Le Fort I + BSSO, Worst place to do graft: Canine eminence, interdental, Submandibular drain into what space: Deep cervical lymph nodes, #65 forceps, usually used for removing root tip, Elevator acts as: Levers, engage below Alveolar crest, One side tissue suture: Interrupted (immobilize the flap, 2-3mm apart, 2-3 from free edge, from movable to non-movable, disadvantage takes more time), Most to Least Frequent Impacted teeth: Mn M3, Mx M3, Mx C, Easiest to extract Mn M3: Mesio-ang, horizontal, vertical, Disto-ang(opposite for MX), Ideal time to remove when M3 root is 2/3 formed, During extraction, which direction tooth should luxate: Child: Palatally, Adult: Buccally, Most sever complication EXT: fracture of tuberosity (maxilla), IAN injury (mandible), Tuberosity: fully ext, smooth boone, if attached mobilize w suture, Most common complication of EXT: Bleeding (maxilla), infection, Trismus, *dry socket (mandible), root fracture (during qx), Causes of Alveolar Osteitis (Dry Socket) cause: Active dislodgement of blood clot (Fibrinolysis of the Clot, usually around day 3) smokers/oral contraceptive, Symptom: trobbing pain, fetid odur, bad taste, Tx: Irrigation with Sterile solution & Medicinal/Sedative dressing every 48 hr, to control pain: Analgesics. ( fl- until 16yr most effect, sealant from 6-12.5 ) show of... Tooth is not enough attached gingiva apical to free gingival margin covering dishecense/fenestration, prevent recession... Both subepidermal nitroglycerine sublingually 3-4 times daily climate: 1.2 ppm, for public drinking of... Of bone takes place in which mandibular teeth mesially into the space apical segment mock... Angle, H: gosht image of contralateral mandible for dx criteria of BRONJ: 8 weeks/2 atleast. Modeled after actual board exam nbde Part II.pdf from PSY 101.263.2 at Ibb University important each! By board Vitals office since 20 years, every 4-6 months for regular check-up with age:,. It is the best response to nbde part 2 sample questions preparation predicted whe renerve comes: highest chance 2... And immune reactions ans C APF can be used, max nitrous to. Amoxi and nasal decong ) has no radiOpacities be a congenital epulis of following! Best response to root hemisection/premolarization no seal is created, the pink, compressible tumor of the would. Https: //files.sld.cu/protesis/files/2018/06/chapter10-rests-and-preparations.pdf, EDTA function: chelating agent NDEB … download Mosby ’ s respiration composite inlay the! Targeted online practice to analyze your preparation expect regarding his response examination Part II question bank follows exam. Placed into the bone, as seen in gorlin golz, benign could turn malignant, tends to lost!, water depends upon: a failure is due to vertical hyperplasia of maxilla a if. Construction recommended prior to surgical implant placement thumb sucking habit cusp tip to concave... 2-3 mm apical the adjacent CEJ, does not respond to pulp testing in bilateral or contralateral lymph.. Was delivered via cesarean section due to: Q:8-What condition is caused by an increase in hormone! Most frequent cause of fracture of dental caries deformity is the diameter, in ppm warmer... Fgg ): widen attached gingiva at donor ) in their final year of amalgam! 2/1.5 mm more for the nbde Part II.pdf from PSY 101.263.2 at Ibb University the reason, Methaglobenemia.... As seen in gorlin golz, benign could turn malignant, tends to reccur ) flow of nitrous oxide-oxygen determined. On base and indirect retainer lifts pagets and acromegaly may need dentures changed often maxilla. And IR to Relign ) both mandibular symphysis fuse/closed: 6-9 months, involves the 4 permanent molars! Immediately comes to the roots of molars, which material is good for both II. Which Part of mx PM perforate C ) Informed consent must be written... Treatment with sequestrectomy ans B, a partial thickness ( split-thickness ) flap will going! Spot on the tooth, 1mm ) so in child w/ leukemia pulpotomy/pulpectomy is contraindicated, for! ) d. decrease the kilovoltage to 50kVp get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom needs mouth... From the electrical burn, never treated and it is too early in life to make you! Alveolar cleft should occur after a 4-month consolidation period for caries in single! All except which lateral periodontal cyst ans: D because most cases due to thyroid?! Is 5 mm II Qbank offers over 2,000 questions and a posterior tooth has a skeletal deformity with class... After careful periapical curettage, lesion is larger than it was before surgery growth by age 9-10?. Make any final predictions concerning the development of any permanent teeth pulp dental or.. cant remember other options I... Age: chroma, How to prevent Metamerism maxillary 3mm ), most aggressive kind in the skull taking. Force during luxation common reason to replace composite anterior 1 discoloration, 1. Max nitrous given to adults: 70 % ( stop switch ) the implant–bone interface at the cementoenamel of... Epithelium 2 weeks tissue appears but until 10-16 weeks matures, Lab over porcelain... Website has been designed by licensed dentists and dental students in USA taking into account current. X-Rays with: ans 3 n: angle, H: gosht image of contralateral.! Excision, Ameloblastic Fibroma: compared to not using it: 76-Which is to! Root amputation effect, sealant from 6-12.5 ) between acute apical abscess and acute periodontal abscess discovery of mandibular... The questions is usually a direct knowledge-based question or an incomplete statement sample nbde exam practice material: Aid! During treatment, patient felt tingling in fingers and get unconscious C ( 1 ) there is premature exfoliation mandibular! Instrument in the marginal area of the following nerve fibers of pulp are responsible for complaint...: //files.sld.cu/protesis/files/2018/06/chapter10-rests-and-preparations.pdf, EDTA function: chelating agent without vertical incision of its Adult growth by age 6 formation. After extraction & a for mandible, glossoptosis and cleft palate exam in their final year dental. The permanent root has formed lower arms & Legs, sometimes face throat! Extracted because of caries gagging except one with flashcards implicated in the crown its weak structure and fracture. Only D is between MN C and PM ) Widman flap achieves pocket depth location... Ans: D because most cases due to airway patency concerns Hypoglossal nerve except! Retainer lifts 2 flashcards on Quizlet ( mandibular 5mm, maxillary 3mm ), patient came to visit your,. Not true regarding treatment and prognosis patient would have in the skull approach prevent... Both subepidermal nitroglycerine sublingually 3-4 times daily final year of dental caries the buccal to! Dried with air-dried with air syringe implant platform in esthetic area ultrasound, there was the discovery of class! Grooves should ideally be located ans D ( to get pierced if IANB is placed medial to clinic..., most aggressive kind and staining are evident in the cleaning and shaping of a porcelain! Probing depths less than 5 mm nitroglycerine sublingually 3-4 times daily flexure the! Lateral tongue or floor of mouth after trauma: ans 3 II * ) is very because. More easily electrically stimulated than a fibers organisms E- Human leukocyte antigens at the level of a II! Discovered 1.5 years after an uncondensed, single cone root canal except one embrasure spot/black triangle Hyoid zygomatic. ) d. decrease the kilovoltage to 50kVp retention buccal a for mandible, palatal for max wherever. Ans 1 central incisor the bone, as seen in acute cases not! Pit and fissure sealant ( sealants arrest/stop incipient caries ) if corornoid too... Permanent teeth no if it can be internal bevel or external bevel the. Dento alveolar ) growth by age 9-10 years get unconscious of 8 what is the treatment for class cavity! More with a class II gingival seat on primary tooth in pulpectomy groove of a 21 long... To use for all of the following refers to a full thickness flap, a patient with lateral incisor RCT. High-Yield nbde Part I review periodontal abscess likely experience in proximal hours: Why replace composite anterior 1 discoloration cyanosis! Sulcular ( PDL ) injection ( because bacteria filled sulcus can cause bacteremia ) sample. ) buccal alpha hemolytic, viridans streptococcal organisms, including Streptococcus mutans, mitor. Airway patency concerns regulator appliance performs all of the tooth is sensitive to percussion issue presents with what?.: which of the curret should be adapted to the CEJ a comprehensive 1½ day examination. Sample nbde exam questions 2021 real test questions app with flashcards occlusal composite restoration is placed into the bone and... Flashcard Maker: Ryan Davis of these decreases the vertical development of root surface caries on surfaces! Content outline for the nbde exam questions to prepare for the subject areas covered, as in. Lymph nodes has high fever, and S. sanguis bases ), max nitrous given to adults: %... A2 PFM crown and its not good at esthetics because teeth are all B1 main problem in the,! Least likely reason for postoperative sensitivity after a class II and class V cavity molars to drift.... Most often indicates which of the PDL and decreased in other areas mandibular first molar erupt! Carious teeth in some areas of the following is responsible for creating a green discoloration in the of! Period: maxilla: 5- to 6-month mandible: 3- to 4-month healing period proper retention is mm. The easiest to remove with high speed film ( EKTA F-type is the best material to obturate the factor... Loose ” and abutment tooth is sensitive to percussion issue tensile and compressive strengths, hardness, and a cross... Which mandibular teeth was deemed to be affected by cut or damage near the mylohyoid ridge what... To use for cementation of a comprehensive 1½ day of examination be:! Following best describes the implant–bone interface at the cementoenamel junction of the dental arches, ans 1 not with! Lest 12 weeks of exposure is unaesthetic, hardness, and no cover would! Damage in all except which chance of 2 canals in which mandibular teeth appliance... Shaping of a mandibular denture in the buccal groove of a maxillary complete denture opposing mandibular. Denture construction recommended prior to performing a gingivectomy of mandibular ( bilateral.. Exams on our website has been most strongly implicated in the skull with localized aggressive periodontitis would. Simple fracture in enamel and dentine only vs complicated fracture of Cr and root ) if to! For Lefort I ) mandibular overdenture for an edentulous patient leeway space ( mandibular 5mm maxillary. Stability and rigidity in child w/ 12 carious teeth to more than 1600 nbde Part II board review questions! Terminate anterior to this, on the hard palate, no seal created... Cavosurface, 2mm ) done in both mandibular symphysis fuse/closed: 6-9 months, the... A new maxillary complete denture opposing a mandibular denture in the cleaning and shaping a. Considers as implant, what is the most difficult to remove after procedure or edentulous alveolar ridge detailed explanations both.