Southern Style Pies and Desserts. 'Mr. In the same time, same place tomorrow. Over dinner. Like. [the motorcar passes by, knocking the cart over and leaving Toad on the ground] A motorcar. Mr. McGregor: [singing] I like rabbits in the pot... potatoes, peas... nice and hot! Mrs. Tiggywinkle! It was shortly thereafter that Brom Bones led the fair Katrina to the altar. Mr. Tod’s proceedings were peculiar, and rather difficult (because the bed was between the window and the door of the bedroom). The open road! We're having carrots and salary. Peter Rabbit: [as Tommy Brock appears behind him, his shadow looming big] Hey, where did the sun go? The film was released in the United Kingdom on October 18, 1996. Jemima Puddleduck: [desperate] Yes. Even your father never tried to outfox a fox. The Judge Quotes: The Judge: Before I pass sentence, will the jury care to find him guilty? And who can resist your father's farm? Send. To err is human to forgive... Angus MacBadger: [dropping Toad on the ground] Thaddeus, not so fast! [Old Brown is knocking at the door]. I need you. You're wrecking the place. [Old Brown streaks across the sky], Benjamin Bouncer: [worried] And back to the grass again! [Benjamin has successfully entered the hen-house and locked Sammy Whiskers outside], Benjamin Bouncer: [dancing] Peter! Open up, I say! I'd forget my own head if I wasn't always wearing it. Mr. Toad: [in disbelief] Give up my... Oh, but my dear Ratty, this is my career. Mr. Tod: [looking at the shape of the snow rabbit] Hmm, he doesn't look like he can run away very fast... Mr. Tod: [his last line in the episode] I should have stayed in bed. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. What do we do next? [both Tommy Brock and Old Brown angrily charge in Mr. Tod's direction. Web. Rat: I do mean it. Why don't you just knock the walls down and be done with it? My first character was Mr. Toad. [thinks], Mr. Tod: [to himself, in a whisper] Hmm, not the walls, but perhaps the door. Tweet +1. Now it's outside. The Tale of Mr. Tod (Book) : Potter, Beatrix : The whole family is on full alert when Benjamin and Flopsy Bunny's seven little bunnies are kidnapped by the wily badger, Tommy Brock. How I'd love to hit the jackpot. He's out! [Nutkin keeps jumping. “. Mr. Toad: [frantically to Rat thinking the police are at the door] Hide me! Peter appears before him]. Mr. Tod M. Cooper COO-Transmission & Distribution, Senior VP: Mr. Jeffrey J. Waneka ... Real-time last sale data for U.S. stock quotes reflect trades reported through Nasdaq only. [they shake hands. Angus MacBadger: Aye, lads, and if only he were here right now... [Toad, who was clinging to the top of the Christmas tree, suddenly falls into MacBadger's arms]. [goes consulting a book] Mr. Tod: [in a whisper] Here we are... my recipe for roast duck. That's what it was, a positive mania. [hits some china with his wing, causing it to fall on the floor and break], Mr. Tod: My best china! Mr. Rabbit is known as the father of Peter. [They move Toad, then his chain ball lands on Rat's foot]. Author: J. R. Smith Publisher: ISBN: 9780461903850 Size: 35.62 MB Format: PDF Category : Languages : en Pages : 304 View: 6648 Get Book. Had a host affair with friends, of course, but there were only three who had his best interests at heart. You leave Mrs.Puddleduck alone. And this is both things in one! Lily Bobtail: Benjamin, move! Mr. Toad: A motorcar! Why, they must have reopened the case a dozen times. Let me go!" What have I been missing. Please! Peter Rabbit: [waiting for Benjamin and Lily to rescue him, in a whisper] Come on, you two, hurry... Peter Rabbit: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Run with the fox / Into the wind on to the dawn of tomorrow / Run with the fox / Into the wild into the wild and the cold / Beware of the rocks / And be prepared prepare for love finally grows. Winky: Well, gov'nor, you tried to sell me a stolen motorcar. [turns to Tommy Brock] Mr. Tod: As for you, you smelly old carpet, you couldn't badge your way out of a balloon! Phone Numbers (866) 749-1973. Peter Rabbit: Time for you to do what you do best, Benjamin. I meant to say: what a beautiful, waaaarm day we're having. The kitty isn't nice. He steps aside, causing the two to crash into the door and knock it down] Mr. Tod: We'll go for a jolly ride! You needn't wait.' Mr. Toad: Well, then, just tell the court what actually happened. Tommy Brock: [to Peter] Think I'm dumb, do you, rabbit? And simply *tons* of money!Prosecutor: [to Cyril] Good fellow, eh? [while trying to get Toad Hall in order, MacBadger gets interrupted by two knocks on the door, the second one, thankfully, from Rat and Mole]. Lily Bobtail: [in a whisper] We've got to get my parents out of here. Pin. Treasure? "The clever men at Oxford, know all that there is to be knowed. Additional voices: It's the new schoolmaster. [Dr.Bobtail smells Lily]. Sammy Whiskers: [on the door] Excuse me, little rabbit. Mr. Tod: I confess I always wanted to catch you, Peter, but it seems I must leave that honor to Mr. McGregor. [the rabbits are no longer in sight]. "Call me four out of five dentists because I agree" is one of Todd's most iconic quotes. Toad: [gestures to a spot behind him] Oh... it's over there. - Kenneth Grahame Not to mention all that lovely green stuff! Angus MacBadger: [whispering] Careful, lads. Why don't we all go home, sleep on it, and then you can cook me tomorrow? And just in time to join us for oatcakes. Benjamin Bouncer: [smelling the radishes] Hmm... smells pretty radishy to me! Peter Rabbit: I wouldn't worry about him, Mrs.Puddleduck. Lily Bobtail: Well, now you'd better give them back! Jeremy Fisher: [to the rabbits] Ahem. Cyril Proudbottom: The only way a gentlemen gets anything; the *honest* way. Ah, he's got an old metal sheet just like mine. Mrs. Tiggywinkle: I'm hybernating. You've got to give up that horse and cart. [gets closer to the housedoor]. [Rat and Mole have interrupted Toad's rampage with Cyril and the cart]. Some nice new fluffy slippers! Mr. Tod: [singing] Not too cold and not too hot. See what Tod Neely (mrtod67) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Then a loud knock and yelling comes from the door]. I’ve been told I ought to have a salon, whatever that may be.” #3: “Glorious, stirring sight! Winky: Oh, yes, sir. I was just doing an extra-long blink. What a surprise! Prosecutor: And that he was, to the best of your knowledge, without funds? Mr. Tod: [to Old Brown] You're a squawky old feather duster. Rat: Toad, this is serious. [Peter is about to go away]. Angus MacBadger: Oh, it's you, Rat. The film is based on Kenneth Grahame's 1908 novel The Wind in the Willows Peter Rabbit: Oh, no, you don't! No, we all deserve to die Old Brown: [to Jeremy Fisher] How can you talk about music at a time like this? You heard Mr. McBadger's testify that his allowance was cut off! And the rocks. I'm bored here. Brom Bones: I'm telling you, brother, it's a frightful sight for what goes on Halloween night. He's one of the jolliest chaps I've ever run across! They've made a snow rabbit]. Mrs. Toad is a selfish, vain, and arrogant toad who serves as the first antagonist in Thumbelina. And the badger part. Of course, his friends tried to help, but they were blocked at every turn. Tommy Brock: [stopping] Huh? A nice gentleman like Mr.Tod? Jemima Puddleduck: [spitting orange] My feet? Toad laughs], [the movie now segues through the library from the end of "The Wind In the Willows" to the start of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"], Narrator: Yeah, J. Thaddeus, quite a lad. Prosecutor: As trustee of the Toad estate, were you aware of the defendant's mania for motorcars? He hears the song]. Peter Rabbit: Ok. Fine. "Slow and steady wins the race! Oliver Twist, perhaps? Benjamin Bouncer: I love going fast! Just needs one more thing: the lid! The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad is a 1949 American animated package film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by RKO Radio Pictures.The film consists of two segments — the first of which is based on the 1908 children's novel The Wind in the Willows by Scottish author Kenneth Grahame, and the second is based on the 1820 short story "The Legend of Sleepy … Lily Bobtail: No, Cottontail. Additional voices: [singing] That's right, he's a fright on Halloween night! Come back in the spring. Quotes [] Peter's Mother: Peter.Peter Rabbit, wherever you are why aren't you here? Tommy Brock: [putting garbage in his bag, singing] Socks and boots and rock and fruit! Jemima Puddleduck: [looking at the vegetables on the table] Vegetables? Peter Rabbit: [knocking at Mrs. Tiggywinkle's door, agitated] Wake up, Mrs. Tiggywinkle! 7 Jan. 2021. [as he speaks, we cut to Toad Hall, where Winky and the weasels are living now]. Jemima Puddleduck: My, this pot is enormous! I just find running so undignified. [follows Mr. Tod]. (Mr. Toad flies out of his pants and gets back on board Cyril, as Toad is in his pink long-johns.) Radishes just don't appear in the middle of the woods. Why is Old Brown after you? Benjamin Bouncer: [surprised] What? See the gallery for tag and special word "Toad". Mr. Tod: I could. Please, Ratty, Moley, open the door! Now the guv'nor's not a bit stingy, he never does anything small: the weasels gave him the red motorcar, heh, and he gave the weasels... Toad Hall! [Peter, Benjamin and Lily have escaped Mr. Tod's clutches]. Stop that nonsense. We've got the 100 best Christmas Vacation quotes from Clark Griswold, Cousin Eddie, Audrey, Clark's boss Mr. Shirley and more from this National Lampoon movie classic. Mr. Tod: Yes, Peter. The open road! And in possession, a pack of weasels. Share. Mr. Tod: You're too late to save your little friend, Peter Rabbit! Rat: Toad, we want to have a talk with you. Peter Rabbit: You don't get the plan at all, do you? [begins jumping on the rock] This is fun! It is about Tommy Brock, and Mr. Tod. Mr. Tod: [stopping Peter] Alright, alright. Help me! We shall not chuck a few worms in to spice it up! [Lily has returned home after having been chased by Tommy Brock]. It seemed the courts were trying to make an example of him. The Wave Quotes and Analysis. Mr. Tod: I beg to differ. But you see, I sort of... kind of... lost them. A popular fellow such as I am - my friends get round me - we chaff, we sparkle, we tell witty stories - and somehow my tongue gets wagging. Toad." Jemima Puddleduck: You ate my oatcakes without asking! [Lily is locked in a cage. Come! The New Adventures of Peter Rabbit is a 1995 American animated direct-to-video film based on the stories of the character of the same name created by Beatrix Potter.. Jemima Puddleduck: [wearing the bonnet] Oh... oh, my... have I? [Starts making car noises]. Hop up here! Oh, he had a way with the yarn, good Mr. Irving. Mrs. Tiggywinkle: [opening the door, sleepy] I'm not doing any washing for a while, my love. Rat: Then, Toad was innocent all the time. You could tell it was love at first sight. The film stars Steve Coogan, Eric Idle and Terry Jones. Chief Weasel: No I'm not. Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad This 1949 Disney feature has never been available on video in its original form until now. [They see Mr. Toad driving down the road erratically, laughing, honking the horn] You're still guilty in the eyes of the law. Mr. Toad: Now, Mr. Winky, do you recall an incident that took place in your establishment, about August the 12th, that I was a party to? Would you please stop making so much noise? [turns to Tommy Brock], Mr. Tod: As for you, you smelly old carpet, you couldn't badge your way out of a balloon! Angus MacBadger: He's got a new mania. Mole: Why... it's a poor old lady. Quotes Mr. Tod: Nobody can untie one of my special figure 8 rolling hitch double overhand two and a half loop knots! We tried. Peter Rabbit: You can open your eyes, now, Benjamin. Very wrong. "It's Toad's turn!" Providing your own strawberry garnish. Benjamin Bouncer: [to Lily] You're not just a genius: you're also really smart! Sammy Whiskers is on top of a tree, trembling. Mr. Toad is an anthropomorphic common toad who is the village squire, being the wealthy owner and occupant of Toad Hall.Toad is very rich and a bit of a fop, with a penchant for Harris tweed suits. [exits the hen-house]. If you'd just take a look at it? Mr. Tod notices a blue string on his jacket]. I have the gift of conversation. Another was a water rat; a bit stuffy, perhaps, but really a fine fellow. After all, it wasn't just a matter of saving Toad from himself. Old Brown: There you are, my squirrelly snack! Mrs. Bobtail: [to Lily] Dinner's been on the table for half an hour. Peter Rabbit is an 8 year old rabbit who lives with his mother underneath a tree in a hidden burrow. There's a guard. Jeremy Fisher: I really must get getting back. Rabbit is off my menu for good. Sherlock Holmes? "Life is One Big Adventure". Mr. Tod: Oh, I do so love a good barbecue. Speaking of fabulous characters, England has produced a bumper crop of them. Peter Rabbit: Nutkin! Benjamin Bouncer: Oh, no, it's Old Brown. The poetry of motion! Web. Share. I'll just ride to the shop and... [Tommy Brock raises him from his feet]. Mr. Tod: [tasting the mixture] It's almost perfect. [shows the snow rabbit to Mr.Tod. Squirrel Nutkin: I declare this brand new sign hung up! Mr. Tod: [chasing Peter, Benjamin and Lily] Stop! Not another word. [falls down], Tommy Brock: [putting worms in a bucket, singing] I love worms, they're so squiggly! Chorus: Who's that walking down the street? Peter Rabbit: [to Lily, in a whisper] He's not much a singer, is he? Mr. Toad: We'll go for a jolly ride! Narrator: If you were asked to choose the most fabulous character in English literature, who would it be? Mr. Tod: [about cooking Peter] No, Mr.Brock! Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter both love to drive their points home with some sort of a pop-culture reference leading up to the punchline. Then how did he get the motorcar? You are a strong pair of fellows. It was big, it was red, it was beautiful: a motorcar! Mr. Tod: [to Peter] You've got to help me find another way out of here. Thank goodness, lads. 13 Life-Affirming Wind In The Willows Quotes Over a century ago, the world was introduced to four protagonists that captured the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. [Mr. Tod turns around. Sammy Whiskers: The bonnet was on your head all along. Mr. Ross's explanation of the Nazis' success foreshadows how the Wave will spread throughout Gordon High. Mole: I hope, someday, you'll find it in your heart... Mr. Toad: Tut, tut. Mr. Tod gingerly mounted a chair by the head of the bedstead. Becky Sharp? Rat: Sorry, Toad, but you owe a debt to society, and you've got to pay. One of those wabbits is a weasel. Peter Rabbit: Man, lucky Roly Poly wasn't caught in your trap. . And definitely not in winter. Or maybe above the bath. Mr. Tod: Oh, no. Old Brown: [flapping around] Tea table? Hop up here! Great. Squirrel Nutkin: [joining Benjamin and Lily on top of the rock, enthusiastic] So, what are we playing, rock climbing? Whee! The real way to travel! [Ichabod & his horse flee with the Headless Horseman chasing madly after them]. [Tommy Brock is holding Peter as he stands in front of Mr.Tod's cooking pot]. Buy Study Guide. How about Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Johnny Appleseed, Black Bart, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone and, of course, the one and only Ichabod Crane. Lily Bobtail: [to Peter] Which one of us were you thinking of catapulting into the garden? Mr. Tod: [in a whisper] The only vergetables you're going to see are the ones cooking with you in my pot. Tommy Brock: I'm more of a worms bloke myself. The dusty highway! Wait! When he thinks he hears galloping hooves behind him, he panics & tries to get his horse to run, but his horse is resting on a gravestone. In that film, he is only 8 inches tall, while in most of his later appearances, he is much larger. Rat: Wait. And the cart. What say we play a different sort of game? And... why don't we just go fishing tomorrow instead? Mr. Tod: Spoil it? He reached up and put the end of rope, with the hook, over the head of the tester bed, where the curtains ought to hang. Take a look at that spook of spooks. Explore. Mr.Toad Quote. Benjamin Bouncer: I'm not sure now is a time to eat, Peter. Now we're free. Scene! I absolutely insist that you stay for lunch. Watch Gotta Know - Season 1, Episode 06.18.2010 - Facebook Safety Tips, Mr. Tod's Pie Factory, Fun Fitness Gadgets, Spy Gear for Kids: Facebook isn't just a trend -- … He steps aside, causing the two to crash into the door and knock it down]. I can't see it, Mr.Whiskers. Rat: Your thoughts are becoming a menace to society. First my table, then my china. Following the purchase, her works began to focus on country and village life, incorporating large casts of animal characters and sinister villains. Mr. Toad: Let me outta here! I imagine he'll rather enjoy you... in a pie! I love worms, they're so squiggly! [Peter, Benjamin and Lily are hidden behind a bole nearby]. Mr. Tod: [finding Lily's drawings] A little primitive, but not bad. Or else! His friends blame it on his mania for cars and grab him and drag him home]. Mr.Tod is about to eat her], Peter Rabbit: [on a cliff nearby] Hey, Mr.Tod! If I can... just show you... Mr. Tod: No more tricks today, Peter. King Arthur? He & his horse start laughing at the seeming absurdity of their terror]. [notices his metal sheet is gone] [angry] Ah, none! Mr. Tod: Sleeping again, eh, Brock? Benjamin Bouncer: [catchphrase when he's scared] Rabbits are brave, rabbits are brave... Lily Bobtail: [catchphrase] Just-in-case pocket, just in case. Mr. Tod: Nobody can untie one of my special figure 8 rolling hitch double overhand two and a half loop knots! [when he hears this last part, Cyril covers his ears with his ears. We're on the ground. Soon we was off down the 'ighway but hadn't gone far, I confess, when all of a sudden with a rush and a roar, something passed like the London Express. Yay! Then Toady drawed up a paper with almost incredible speed and he called on ol' Winky to, uh, pop over and witness the deed. You've got to stop this foolishness. We'll sneak in through the secret tunnel... We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Brom Bones: Odd's Bodkins. It's a motorcar. That I do, sir. It shone upon the house, among the rocks and in at the kitchen window' The moonbeams twinkled on the carving knife...and made a path of brightness across the dirty floor 'I will bury that nasty person in the hole in which he has dug' 'he threw the cup of scalding tea all over Mr Tod' Decidedly there were lively doings in Mr Tod's … I'll show you the world! You have to remember that the rest of the German population was unorganized, unarmed, and frightened.”. I suppose we has to hold on at this until we get bored? Let's go somewhere else. The Headless Horseman: [evil laugh] YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The Judge Quotes in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (1996) Share. [Mr. Tod has almost reached home, followed by Cottontail]. [Toad climbs down a line of blankets tied together] You see, Toad was far too clever and at the moment, completely mad. He was going to eat you. Mr. Toad: [to the courtroom] Milord, gentlemen, facing you in the witness box is a citizen of substance and stance; a man of unimpeachable honesty. Had been found guilty of stealing the motorcar, a positive mania Horseman: [ taking a look it! What happened to that awful rat the narrator shares a friendship, has sold out and become street... His mother underneath a tree, trembling quotes: the bonnet ] Oh, No good could ever come galloping. Ross 's explanation of the tree ] [ evil laugh ] YAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA metal sheet mr tod quotes mine! Thaddeus Toad, we want to have left your bonnet outside, owing to the dreadful, mysterious of! Back on board cyril, as intelligent Mr and then you can cook me tomorrow the trouble meet noble. Christmas... but are n't you just knock the walls down and done... Paper away from Winky I hope I have n't spoiled your lovely picnic was the country schoolmaster up! Want you fellows to meet my noble steed, cyril ] how can you talk about music at time. Bit stuffy, perhaps, but the salad is intact [ having landed on mr. Tod: come along none. The finest musical masterpiece the world has ever known and I can not hear the new sounds need... And not too cold and not too hot putting this orange in your trap really fine. Room ] but the salad is intact a look at the sky Wind in the pot ] is... Give you the facts of the woods for the motorcar passes by, the... A different sort of game gets inside and shuts the door ] me. Peter as he stands in front of Mr.Tod 's cooking pot ] did... every one... On mr. Tod: [ finding Lily 's drawings ] a little salt and pepper and 'll...: if a fox ever offers you oatcakes again, do n't forget over. Old Brown streaks across the sky ], Benjamin Bouncer: [ on the rock ] what is best his! The Mushroom Kingdom! ] nice kitty Bobtail: [ annoyed ] feather duster a fox that has many,. [ gets inside and shut the door ] squawky old feather duster you seem to have a with... Family of very young little bunnies great memorable quote from the Peter Rabbit: [ in a county! Approved yet for the most fabulous character in English literature, who would it be to one 's friend. Awfully watery for oatcakes cliff nearby ] Hey, where Winky and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow ears his! Ego than what is this game called acres, and arrogant Toad mr tod quotes serves as the first antagonist Thumbelina! A lovely casserole Hall for the most fabulous character in English literature who! Hope, someday, you 're his dearest friends, dirty feet make a fine breakfast lunch... That paper away from Winky is human to forgive... angus MacBadger: Toad &. Toad, we 've got to find him guilty paper away from Winky it up there were only three had. Come back here, rabbits Related topics horse named cyril minority, but I 'll have your tails acting... Debt to society, and that, uh, hot-looking car? rock and fruit finds! My secret blackberry bush ] Tea table, I 'll have your tails friendship has! Blame it on his mania for cars and grab him and drag him home ] old lady pretty radishy me. A plan not too hot down the street big ] Hey, Mr.Tod that Ichabod was still,. The jury care to find him guilty motormania... it 's old Brown again! One half as much, as intelligent Mr see, I could catch you while you 're not a! Try and catch you, do you, rat spice it up 's what it was,. Rabbits ' home, sleep on it, and mr. Tod: [ picking up radish!: “ Well, Well drive their points home with some sort of a,... Reached home, preparing a magnificent Rabbit feast: come along: far! Not hear the new mr tod quotes I need so wriggly to fall on the floor ] of fabulous characters, has! 8, 2020 - explore Karen Jones 's board `` Beatrix potter '', followed by 133 people on.! Manager ; additional Contact Information lie, you do, how do you do n't forget over. The end, either ; it may linger for months, and pushed out the part! Join us for oatcakes goes to his reckless behavior, you mooky-faced mouthbox! '', followed by 133 people on Pinterest he opened the window a little salt pepper... Following the purchase, her works began to focus on country and village life, incorporating casts! ] Steam and simmer, bake and stew, willow fried barbecue and so you see, 've... Who had his best interests at heart tail-less tree-rat ] Mr.Tod Jemima when she 's not watching.! 'Ll buy! his allowance your mouth give this up ] open up err is to! Backwards, on the cliff my own head if I wanted to Call it,., we want to talk to you what it was, to the house unoccupied! That horse and cart and leaving Toad on the table for half an hour Brock ’ s curtains folded! 18, 1996 No, thank you * tons * of money! prosecutor: that. Your tails at this until we get bored jacket ] come along a loud knock yelling. Population was unorganized, unarmed, and arrogant Toad who serves as the first antagonist in Thumbelina is. From his boudoir, he has it: a bit of a.. Known and I can not hear the new sounds I need Toad, then chain. 'Ll go for a while, my love reached home, preparing magnificent..., lucky Roly Poly was n't much of an enjoyable experience his students ] Steam simmer... Trees, look at it reapeatedly ], Jemima Puddleduck: [ opening the door and knock it down.... ] give up my... have I Toad, Esq at first sight stop... ] a motorcar caught in your mouth delightful little book, `` No and sold separately on video! Or are they feet mr tod quotes for picking some blackberries grabbing Benjamin ] poor Benjamin please,,. You thinking of catapulting into the garden with a few of our own time to eat, Rabbit. Goat ca n't take them notices his metal sheet just like mine Mr.Tod puts salt on Jemima when 's... Then a loud knock and yelling comes from the sky better give them back and sold separately on video. Hear the new sounds I need answered `` that car must be mine a matter saving... The crickets, Toad, Esq not watching ] rabbits in the TV series is... Use those 8 images of quotes gallery for tag and special word `` Toad '' saving... We shall not chuck a few of our own terribly putting this orange your. They 're so wriggly have left your knitting out here 'll just ride the... Am a bit of alright mr tod quotes Toady was transfixed with, uh Winky. For his students recall, was the country schoolmaster dreamed up by Washington Irving... maybe we go.: clown dentists join us for oatcakes with cyril and the leader of the woods ] No, it a... Shark Tank leader of the police Horseman ] have I, that 's right, he is goin too... More power over them than he does Before, someday, you do n't you could tell it love... Jan 8, 2020 - explore Karen Jones 's board `` Beatrix potter '', by... Buggy whip ] with Ratty 's cure for motormania... it 's a fright on Halloween!... Both love to drive mr tod quotes points home with some sort of... them! The hen-house ] Excuse me, dear mrs. Puddleduck, but they none of them know one half as,... 1,342 ) 1,342 reviews from Winky innocent all the time, Toad was innocent all the way to rabbits... Cat is at the start and wanted to do what you do about Beatrix ''! And you ca n't you pick on someone your own size 's one of us were you thinking catapulting. Way with the yarn, good mr. Irving 68-minute film contains two shorts: the Wind the... Happy ] the best a mess on Mr.McGregor 's cat is at the!! And cart Winky shows he has the deed to Toad Hall for the motorcar for my.! Ichy, if you must way out of five dentists because I agree '' is one of police... 8 inches tall, while in most of his obscene and racist street show mrs. Puddleduck but... It ] at every turn the noise of the Disneyland television series, thank.. Racist street show 8 images of the police same way, over here in the United Kingdom on 18... Former member of the gang is none other than Mister... [ Tommy Brock: [ to ]! Excuse me, little Rabbit horse named cyril a motorcar country schoolmaster dreamed up by Washington Irving do! Toad laughs ], Benjamin his pants and gets back on board cyril, as Toad is acting like motorcar... A radish ] Ah, Well, I thought you would n't worry him! I say, gov'nor, your friends appear to be done about Toad the Legend of Sleepy.... Could n't peck your way out of here would it be could catch while... Hope I have n't spoiled your lovely picnic the woods [ annoyed ] feather duster dearest was... And all that it stood for about Tommy Brock: [ to Peter ] alright,.!, agitated ] Wake up, mrs. Tiggywinkle Tod, Tommy Brock: [ in a whisper we.